Akhenaten’s Milkshake and President Obama LGBT Agenda

Akhenaten’s Milkshake and President Obama LGBT Agenda

Even unproven conspiracy theories can make sense by simply waiting for the pieces to fall into place. I believe this is the case with the Akhenaten to President Obama cloning comparison. Many researchers hypothesized President Obama is a clone of Akhenaten. President Obama was even overheard, while in a pyramid in Egypt, comparing his own likeness to the a sculpture of Akhenaten.

The Face of Akhenaten (Photoshop Reconstruction)

We certainly have no way of proving President Obama is a clone. Many researchers rely on the likeness between Akhenaten and President Obama to build a case. Through my own image overlays I have discovered the width of the nose of President Obama is not a perfect match with the nose of Akhenaten.

The lips are almost dead on, as are the vector point distances between the eyes, nose, and lips. President Obama is in fact a close match to Akhenaten. I recognize this does not make this theory scientific but it is all we have now. We also know there is nothing new under the sun and the Egyptian embalming process left DNA in tact for thousands of years . . . so cloning is not new.

Probably the least discussed aspect of the Akhenaten is that his/her statue looks feminine. Akhenaten looks like he/she has hips like a woman . . . birthing hips. It also appears he/she had breast. Is this why ancient Egyptians attempting to erase the reign of Akhenaten?

Was his/her reign like Lady Gaga on steroids? Was it the artist’s goal to embody the “spirit” of Akhenaten in the sculpture? I do not know but it is certainly interesting this particular Pharoah looks like a lady! Now if  President Obama is a clone of Akhenaten he would certainly possess his traits.

It also explains how a person could turn 180 degrees from their so called core beliefs. You do not claim to be a Christian and understand the laws and principles of the teachings from the Holy Spirit and then deny Christ. President Obama claims his daughters helped change his mind. I submit to you if President Obama is the cloned Akhenaten then he has been a bi-sexual from day one.

His intention were to trick the American people into believing he was a traditional Christian when the whole time he is bisexual. It is no secret in the websphere, allegations were made President Obama had sexual relations with men. Most of these men are now dead! What are the odds President Obama would be linked to a feminine Akhenaten?

From a conspiratorial perspective we can now understand why President Obama has turned into a global cheerleader for same sex unions. We should not be surprised because Akhenaton looks like his milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. How strange is it to see a male Pharaoh depicted in such a manner?

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