What Do You Need This Holiday Season? Another Christmas Horror Story

What Do You Need This Holiday Season? Another Christmas Horror Story

This quasi Christian/Pagan Christmas season has now evolved into the season for horror. This is not the first one for 2015 either. Remember the ancient tale about Krampus? If you were a child and you were on the naughty list, well, you were a walking snack-pack for the blood thirsty demon, Krampus. This is what every child needs; the belief Yeshua was born on the Winter Solstice, Santa Clause brings gifts, and now you might die on Christmas day.



The circle of confusion is now complete for children being born into this evolution of piety, capitalism, and now horror. This means if both of these Christmas horror movies are successful, horror movies now have a confused sister . . . Christmas. Now target audiences around the world will be inundated with horror movies from October to December. All that is missing will be zombie turkeys that kill families around the Thanksgiving table.

Nothing is sacred anymore even the false notion Yeshua was born on December 25th. Hollywood is actually keeping it real when it comes to Santa Claus because cross cultures there are different versions of him. This is just the tip of the iceberg because soon there will be a movie around Christmas where Yeshua will be a killer zombie who eats Believers and non Believers. Tis the season for testing the audience.

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Michael Erevna

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