Pope Francis: Would You Let a Stranger Hold Your Daughter Like This?

Pope Francis: Would You Let a Stranger Hold Your Daughter Like This?

Pope Francis arrived in America today after a short visit in Cuba. Of course he was met with much fanfare. I heard him speak (briefly) on two occasions and each time he sounded more like a motivational speaker than a man with deep spiritual knowledge. After hearing him speak, I said to myself, “I could have had a V8.”

Decades of child molestation charges and settlements have plagued the Vatican with more in the works. There are rumors of international charges (which never seem to bring an outcome) against Pope Benedict and Pope Francis regarding child sex and sacrifice rings. It is said Pope Benedict stepped down as a legal maneuver in order to protect the Vatican.

Currently, a very disturbing picture is making its rounds on the Internet. This of course is the picture above where one of Pope’s Francis’ security detail is propping up a young girl with his hand clearly planted in her private parts. If that was my daughter, well first, she would not be attending idol worship bonanza; but if I did attend and I saw what this man did, the next thing I would here would be, “Would the defendant please rise.”

Let me emphasize the sacred nature of the woman. She is the vessel that brings life forth. She is the miracle in action creating life based on the code of the Most High. There is nothing more precious than a good woman. I know, I have one. For this man to think it was okay to hoist a little innocent girl in the air by her genitalia is simply repulsive.

Any parent on earth knows not to pick up another man’s young daughter in this manner, let alone your own daughter. Unless she is a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” this is a no-no. I am perplexed why the parents were not outraged by this pedophilic behavior. True, Pope Francis is innocent but pedophilia perceptions certainly seems to follow the Vatican. If a man ever picks me up like this . . . I hope he buys me dinner first.

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Michael Erevna

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