Blue’s Clues from the Most High? Flying Serpent Cloud Over Wales

Blue’s Clues from the Most High? Flying Serpent Cloud Over Wales

On October 10, 2015, a person on Twitter who goes by the user name Wales Cymru posted a picture of a cloud he titled, “And suddenly a pterodactyl appeared in the sky of Wales.” He went on to add a sketch of a pterodactyl to juxtapose against the cloud shape. If this pictured is authentic you would have to agree the symmetry of the flying serpent cloud appears as if it was formed with intelligence to make this shape.



Above ground, the trail of the serpent points to the United Kingdom. Remember, allegedly even Princess Diana admitted the Royal Family is not human. She said they are reptiles. We also have a high definition picture of the pupil of the Queen of England which displays a reptile pupil slit. If this strange flying serpent cloud formation took place anywhere else I probably would not have taken note, but with the rich serpent history and allegations against the Royal Family this picture certainly deserves a deeper look.



I believe it also could be confirmation by The Most High that Wales is the homebase of these above-ground serpent people. The very emblem on the Wales flag is a red dragon so it is no secret. This very well could be a spiritual sign that the rumors are in fact true and these Royals are not human . . . just as Princes Diana claimed. I believe you will see these things if you are one of the people who have eyes to see and the ears to hear spiritual things.



In closing, I believe more signs like this will be in the sky for us. The Most High is helping to identify who these nations really serve. It cannot be a coincidence a flying serpent cloud appears over the very country steeped in serpent idol worship. Keep your eyes on the Royal Family because the veil is lifting.

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