Chinese Prime Minister Visits Russian Caves to WORSHIP Dragon!

Chinese Prime Minister Visits Russian Caves to WORSHIP Dragon!

According to a native Russian source, the Prime Minister of China is not just visiting Russia on political duties, but there to visit an ancient Russian cave system to pay homage to a dragon deity.  Yes, you heard it correctly, according to the source there is a subterranean cave system leading to a city. This subterranean city is populated by a serpent race. Honestly, I was excited to hear about intelligence from the Russian culture because the seed of the serpent is global and we rarely hear from other cultures on this topic.



This ancient seed is still worshiped openly in Asia in the form of festivals with red dragons. According to the source these dragons are still alive and this is the real reason the Prime Minister of China is in Russia. The elite reptilian worshipers make their way to these caves in order to pay homage. This serpent race is mixed into the human population and according to the Russian lady can shift between forms. As a result of the reptilian DNA. This should not be a new premise to anyone who has been researching the seed of the serpent.

The source said Putin is of the bloodline of the seed of the serpent. Do you remember the sixth grade girl who charted the ancestries of all of the American Presidents and discovered they are all related? They can also trace their ancestry to King George? Even President Obama is related to Dick Cheney! Do you smell a snake in the grass? Looks like England never stopped running America and the proof is in the bloodline.



What people need to understand is the way these dragons are depicted on shows like “Game of Thrones”  do not accurately portray the true nature of the ancient dragon. These ancient dragons are extremely intelligent and could change shape into a human form. They were considered royalty and orchestrated events while being the power behind the throne. They also have the ability to vibrate out of our dimension. The 8th tablet of Thoth spoke of this very thing!

I believe the seed of the serpent is most likely the angels known as Seraphim and they fell with Lucifer. They were a specific class of “angels” created by the Most High who eventually rebelled and left their first habitat. We see these very “serpent men” depicted on Sumerian tablets and other ancient artifacts. I believe there were also human looking “angels” who fell with the Seraphim.

All we really know according to the ancient text is that 1/3 of the “angels” fell; however we do not know what angelic species they were…until we research the artifacts. In Isaiah 14 and 30, the “seraph” is referred to as “me ofef seraph” or literally “flying serpent” and is associated with Philistia and the Negeb, lands which were traditionally the home of the descendants of the Nephilim after the Deluge. These are the very flying serpents depicted on Sumerian tablets.



At a certain point in ancient history the serpent race was banished to live under the earth . . . under the feet of mankind. We truly do tread on their heads with the earth as a gasket between us and them. Revelation 5:3 says, “But no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it.” Another clue there is are sentient beings under the earth with enough wisdom to read but could not open the scroll.

This is key to understanding the existence of the seed of the serpent. At a certain point in ancient history reptilians roamed the Earth and were the apex predators of the world. I believe an event was orchestrated against them by the Most High. They were banished and warned to stay under the Earth and any reptilian specie on the Earth’s surface was obliterated. This was clearly an act of mercy of the Most High to warn the Seraphim and banish them while keeping them alive.

The Seraphim being the witnesses to Creation are very advanced and created cities to sustain them under the earth. These beings have the ability to shape shift and I believe have appeared in human form fueling myths and legends of middle Earth. The Seraphim are accessible to their initiated in these cave systems and this is what our Russian source believes as well. These UFO we see are actually these beings brainwashing people “aliens” are watching the Earth.



Even Christ tipped His hat to the serpent race when he encouraged us to be wise as serpents. These Seraphim are the ones who left their Heavenly habitation and “fell” to earth where they were and are worshiped as gods. Every single continent at one time prayed, worshiped, and sacrificed to these flying serpents who once served the Most High. This is the biggest extraterrestrial story in the earth and it has a Biblical narrative.

Many UFO researchers suggest these ships we see in the sky are from another galaxy and their existence is divorced from His Creation. None of this is true because many (if not most) of these UFO you see are coming from within the earth. They are not from some far away galaxy but from the deep, deep, deep south! Just imagine how advanced their cities must be deep inside the earth! Now imagine how powerful The Most High is because He ordered the Seraphim to live under the earth…and they tucked their tails and complied.

I say this to you so you will have no fear of the Seraphim because the Most High is protecting us or we would all be dead by now and/or rape victims. We must also remember these Seraphim are from another vibration and they need blood and technology to exist on our plane of existence. Why do I say this? Well, after Christ was crucified He said, “It is done.” Then Christ went under the earth to proclaim His victory to the serpent race. Of all the places Christ could have gone He did a 3 day tour under the earth to tell the enemy of mankind He has won.


Notice the reptilian skin and slit pupil like a reptile?


This also shows us Christ was in His spirit form and the Seraphim must naturally exist in the spirit vibration. The ancient Egyptian prophet Thoth spoke of these serpent headed beings in his 8th Emerald tablet. Thoth said these serpent headed men live under the earth and are from another vibration. When we see the eagle headed flying serpents depicted on the Sumerian tablets they are equipped with: a watch device, a cube shaped device, and perhaps a crystal. I believe this equipment was multi-purpose but its main role was to keep them in our vibration.

What I really like about these ancient tablets, coins, drawings, and sculptures of the Seraphim is it coincides with the fact the fallen angels wanted to be worshiped like the Most High. There is not one continent that is devoid of serpent worship at one time. The abyss the angel will unlock is a dimensional gate that will allow all of the residents of inner earth to escape. This is why the hearts of men will fail when they see these beings.

I feel like I am aware of these things but I hope I am wearing a Depends when the abyss is opened. I believe at this time the Holy Spirit will be removed from the Earth and whoever is left on the surface will no longer be protected. Men like the Prime Minister of China know this day is coming and want to be protected by the Seraphim. Our native Russian source has more to tell and stayed tuned for the podcast coming soon!

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