Paul McGuire Prairie Dodges On Accusations He is a MAILBOX Pastor

Paul McGuire Prairie Dodges On Accusations He is a MAILBOX Pastor

Paul McGuire was accused of not having an actual church by a post on the site, “Tracking the leopard Meroz” titled  Paul McGuire, Senior Pastor of the Mailbox Church. Here, Jacquelyn Weaver, detailed her investigation into the church address shared by Paul McGuire on his website. Ms. Weaver learned this address is not an actual church, but a mailbox! It appears Paul McGuire’s on-air claims he is the pastor of a brick and mortar church are not substantiated by public records.

This clearly is the crux of the matter and the blogosphere was relatively quiet until recently. On November 30, 2015, a person with the user name “Paul McGuire” left a comment without addressing the fact the public records have his church address listed as mailbox. Paul McGuire, according to his comments demanded to know the name of the author of the post and accused them of having something to hide. All the while not correcting the public records, but asserting to be “happy” to answer questions once the author’s name is released.



The only problem with the bizarre logic of Paul McGuire is the “About Us” page clearly states the blog owner as Jacquelyn Weaver. Her name is clearly spelled out for anyone to read at anytime. In fact, the “About Us” page is universally understood as the page where visitors can know who you are and what is your mission. If I may, it appears this is a diversionary tactic and I am all too familiar with it.

After I posted a story by Marinka Peschmann regarding false statements made by Doug Hagmann, I became radio cannon fodder made of sensationalism and defamatory statements by Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann.  Here lies were spoken on the air with no shame or conscious. All because people were becoming wise to their financial machinations and no longer financially supporting them. This is why they were compelled to blatantly lie in order to keep the “sheep” in the pen.



Paul McGuire appears to be tearing a page from the book of my experience with these profits of the Lord. Although, Jacquelyn Weaver’s name is clearly shared on her “About Us” page Paul McGuire has attempted to create a diversion where he appears to be noble and demand a name. Paul uses words like “integrity” after telling people on the radio he has a physical church when in reality it is a physical mailbox.

I do not know Paul McGuire but I know the men he has endorsed as liars and schemers. Their common bond is that they are all purveyors of fear prophecy. This is all that stuck to them from the teachings of Christ. If they did understand Christ they would not be worried about prophecy but making sure they are exempt from doom . . . by knowing Christ. If you think Christ was over-prepping from doom or scared to be on earth than you do not know him.



I figured out why these men who made a career by profitting off the Word must respond to sites like Jacquelyn Weaver. The reason is they are all in the same pond. The big fish like Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, or T.D. Jakes never respond because they are in the ocean. Paul McGuire’s financial supporters are in this pond with Jacquelyn Weaver and she needs to be discredited and/or sullied. Even though Paul McGuire has a mail box church people will forget about the deception and focus on the “dirt” on Jacquelyn Weaver.

In reality there is no “dirt” because Jacquelyn Weaver has clearly displayed her name on her “About Us” page. In my experience the core question will not be answered and more psycho-babble will ensue which has absolutely nothing to do with the facts. It does not matter if a crack whore brought the fact Paul McGuire is not the pastor of a brick and mortar church but a mailbox, to the people. Let’s take a look at the response from a user named Paul McGuire.


Someone sent me your article dealing with me. While I don’t mind being criticized, ridiculed of challenged and I like your satirical approach. But, some of what you said, is not accurate at all would constitute a lie. If you want to lie about me that’s fine, but correct me if I am wrong. I don’t see you giving your real name in your Blog which implies you are hurling accusations while you yourself have not disclosed who you really are, which means you have something to hide. If you want to ask me questions publicly and give out your real name who you are, I will be happy to answer your questions. But, at least I come out an let people who I am. In contrast you hide who you hide who you are, which speaks volumes. Of course I already know your real name and who you are and something about you because I work with people who provide this information. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. If you want to challenge me fine, but do it first by disclosing who you are. If you are willing to step up to that level of integrity that we can have an honest conversation. If you are not, then we can simply disclose your identity and something about yourself and then we can have a discussion, but you will be expected to answer questions about yourself as well.

Please note Paul McGuire said “some of what you said is not accurate,” but does not address what this is nor does he repudiate the mailbox church proof. I have regular folks on Revelation Now who make accusations against me and I correct them and keep stepping. I do not care what their real name is because it is irrelevant. I also would like to note how Paul McGuire shares with Jacquelyn Weaver he is connected and “knows” her name already . . . like everyone else on the Internet who can click “About Us.” As if he just dropped some science on her or something. I find these little veiled statements comical because they amount to absolutely nothing.

Doug Hagmann used that same approach with me when Steve Quayle knew my name from the get go. Yet, they spun it as if they were deceived innocent victims and had to rely on Hagmann’s investigator skills to learn about me when I sent them my biography before appearing on their huckster network. This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors and the question remains: Where is Paul McGuire’s physical church he claims he is the head pastor?



It does not matter if Jacquelyn Weaver has any other name because it is irrelevant. She is not the one on the radio stumping for donations in the name of Jesus, claiming to have a brick and mortar church when records show it is a mailbox. Stick to the facts and I hate to beat a dead horse but Paul McGuire needs to just focus on the issues. The strangest part of all of this is Jacquelyn Weaver’s name is clearly displayed on her “About Us” page. Paul McGuire will need to adopt a new tactic for his next response or just try telling the truth.

In closing, I am fascinated Paul McGuire used the word “integrity” in his response to Jacquelyn Weaver. Especially after Jacquelyn Weaver produced a clear cut case of mailbox address, not church, based on the words of Paul McGuire. It should be easy enough to correct this accusation by proving he does in fact own a brick and mortar church without all of this side noise. It should be that easy instead of a “whodunnit” on Jacquelyn Weaver. I am sure if Jacquelyn Weaver has misread the records that Paul McGuire’s church address is a mailbox, she would print a retraction.

You see, we are not like the many hucksters who preach for personal profit. We preach the word of God with sincerity and with Christ's authority, knowing that God is watching us. (2 Corinthians 2:17)

Please note the logic of this “anointed” man’s logic where he claims to already know her name yet demand she share it. This is very close to extortion (based on ignorance because her name is on her “about us” page) because he is leveraging her name for information. Remember he already knows it . . . as do the rest of intelligent people who click “About Us” to better understand any site. Many people have different reasons for writing under a pseudonym.

Some people do it in order to work separate careers and not have one interesct the other. Some do it because they do not want celebrity or any type of fame. Not everybody can be lumped into hiding something . . . like a mailbox church. Because I freely write and share my intellectual property and spiritual insights with people, free of charge, people should have free access to my life. Why? Why do people need free access to my life?


Does that change the truth in the message I share with people? What does it matter what you call a rose? It will still smell sweet no matter what. If Jedi Knights were real there would be a lot of people mind tricked. It would be easy because I saw it in “Huckster War I” how the people believed whatever the hucksters said. After my rebuttal there were tumble weeds in the comment thread. Shhhhhhh. Truth is passing here.


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