God’s of Egypt Movie: Whitewashing of Ancient Egypt Continues…

God’s of Egypt Movie: Whitewashing of Ancient Egypt Continues…

The Hollywood legacy of whitewashing ancient indigenous people from the Bible in their productions, continues with the upcoming movie, “Gods of Egypt.” Why is this a problem since this is just entertainment? Because it perpetuates falsehood and fuels misunderstanding of the 12 Tribes of Israel in the Bible. Have you noticed Hollywood portrays all the 12 Tribes of Israel as European origin . . . while the “tribeless” thieves are of African origin.



This practice was also prevalent in comic book franchises like Marvel Comics; where Falcon and Power Man (two Black super heroes) had criminal records, but I digress. This Hollywood practice of perpetuating falsehoods confuses the masses and is quite insulting to the true indigenous people of the ancient land. Call me crazy, but I thought the movie “Dances with Wolves” was authentic because they had the American Indians played by, well, you know . . . American Indians.

Hollywood power players are no longer silent on their agenda to oppress the true identity of indigenous ancient people. The Hollywood hardline is if  ever they cast other than White actors in key roles (including extras) nobody would attend the movie. Yet, “Dances With Wolves” is a proven hit that garnered Oscars as a result of casting American Indians in key roles. None of these Hollywood movie houses will produce a major motion picture that case Black people in these ancient roles.


DEADLINE: Exodus was visually overwhelming, you created that ancient world and brought the plagues in all their vivid horror, and yet the fixation was on how you didn’t hire indigenous actors in the lead roles. In hindsight, is there something you might have done differently?


SCOTT: Nah. Some have said, isn’t Christ black? He could have been. It depends on what part of North Africa he comes from, but how do we know? The short sharp crude answer is, I couldn’t get a film like that mounted for that kind of budget—we were $145 million, not $260 million, so that wasn’t bad– but to make Moses black and his wife Ethiopian? They never would have made the movie.

Ridley Scott Interview


Hollywood actually threw the sleeping masses a bone and cast Black actor Chadwick Boseman as Thoth, who is actually known as the God of Knowledge. I have posted about his translations of the 8th Emerald Tablet where he discusses serpent beings that live in Earth, from another vibration. However, Hollywood did include a Black actor in a key role who was not a criminal . . . so, baby steps?

Biblical history, archeology, and genetics prove geographically Black people should be represented in these movies. Ridley Scott was quoted in an interview where he shared none of his movies would be funded without all White actors. This proves not only discrimination but censorship by these major studios. This lack of diversity represents a propaganda machine which is catering to one race. It also gives us clues to who the 12 Tribes are not in the Bible.

The Book of Deuteronomy tells us when the covenant was broken with The Most High the 12 Tribes would be scattered about and hated by all. You have to really hate somebody to knowingly deny them representation when you know the truth of who they are. Next, Hollywood will have Benedict Cumberbatch play Michael Jordan in “The Michael Jordan Story.” The thing is Hollywood is also guilty of not representing ancient accounts authentically quite frequently.

I’m not sorry I cast white movie stars in ‘Exodus’

Ridley Scott

So, if you are relying Hollywood productions for knowledge on Biblical culture; understand it is going to be partially true and mostly false. There are some interesting correlations from the trailer. We do see the ever present “one-eye” theme in the movie with Horus that every entertainer from New York to Timbuktu flashes in photographs. There is obviously something to this because we see it represented in ancient times and watch how fast new entertainers are captured with the one-eye symbolism.



The story of Osiris, Horus, and Set is the framework to many Hollywood successful motion pictures. We have seen it in Disney’s “Lion King” where the King is betrayed and killed by his jealous brother and then the son avenges the death of his father by defeating his uncle. The only difference I see with “God’s of Egypt” is Osiris has been omitted from this reimagining. I am sure there will be more inaccuracies and I will watch it and later feel real cheap. There is a way to send a message to Hollywood and that is do not go see this movie. I will wait until I can rent it for $5.

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