The One Question Where Evolution Falls Apart

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After watching this video you should come to one conclusion. Evolution is a faith based belief system just like atheism. This is because there is no observable evidence evolution can be proven. The “science” behind it sounds plausible, but at the end of the day “faith” is the driving force behind it. Strangely enough evolutionist are more apt to believe in theories based on millions of years verses two to three thousand year old narratives from the Bible. In essence evolution is a scientific religion which cannot be proven based on its own precepts.



You will see several academic personalities (in this video) stumble after being asked framed questions based on their evolutionary philosophies. Some of the academics in the video get so flustered by their inability to answer the question their face begins to twitch. The bottom line is evolution is based upon a shaky foundation which cannot withstand the crucible of inspection. In other words it is a theory where adaptation seems to drive the movement. In the end we are still waiting on “the” monkey which connects humans with evolution. I have response for them all . . . “Go fish.”

Michael Erevna, is Editor-in-chief of

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