The Occult Practice of Capturing the Soul

The Occult Practice of Capturing the Soul

The human soul is the most important part of the human experience. Many people realize we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience. Meaning we are spirit first and we are temporarily encased in flesh. The Bible states The Most High knew us BEFORE we even FORMED in the womb meaning He KNOWS us as spirit. You need only to read Jeremiah 1:5 to understand this truth. In my opinion, this proves we are in fact soul beings who have eternal life. If not how could the Most High KNOW us before we were born?


"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." - Jeremiah 1:5


It is said the ultimate currency exchanged in a deal with Satan is the human soul. There is nothing more valuable than the human soul and Satan is known for collecting them and people are known for selling them. This fact is illustrated in movies where a person signs a contract for their soul in blood in exchange for fame, fortune, or something else they extremely desire. “Selling of the soul” is thrown around the music industry and viscerally observed in behaviors, sexuality, and dark art occult motifs of many artist, which are clearly antiChrist.



I personally know men who decided to knowingly mix falsehoods and deception as they marketed themselves as servants of the Most High. All in the name of money and providing for their family. They justified a cadre of little lies to create a perception with the listening audience of something they really were not. In essence, they sacrificed truth in the name of the Most High in order to prosper at the expense of other people’s trust. This is selling the soul . . . willingly.

The question is: How exactly is the soul exchanged or even hijacked? What happens when the “deal” is made and then the person reneges on the deal? Is the soul still in fact removed from the body? Then the final question is where exactly do these stolen souls go? These are legitimate questions to an ancient mystery with modern plausible evidence based on paradigm shifts in artist behavior. A good example would be Beyonce prior to mega stardom where she cried about why God gave her talent. Then a decade plus later she recites a poem about rolling up Bible pages and using the Word as a tampon. This is clearly a paradigm shift in behavior from God fearing to God disrepsecting.



Another example would be Miley Cyrus who once was a wholesome clean cut American idol worshiped for her virtues and talent as Hannah Montana and later morphed into a lewd and lascivious artist where even her father stated, “The Devil Destroyed My Daughter and Disney Helped.” Christ taught us to love each other at that means being truthful with people. When you lie you are doing it for yourself and against the Most High. Once people begin to operate in this fallen state they are doomed. Even, I am guilty of behaving like this in my past!



People need to realize these occult groups that are behind many entertainers have the power and know how to actually steal your soul. They are in possession of ancient rituals where the soul is extracted from the human body and imprisoned. It is said a collection of souls can be used for powerful magick. In my opinion this explains why many celebrities radically change for the worse because there soul is no longer in their body. The Knights of Templar were said to have possessed this knowledge and that was why they were murdered on Friday the 13th.


Ezekiel 13:20

“Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I am against your magic bands with which you hunt the souls like birds, and I will tear them from your arms, and I will let the souls whom you hunt go free, the souls like birds.


It does not matter if you do not believe this. All that matters is that this is very real. Even the Bible warns you not worry about who can kill the body, but who can kill the body and soul. That should say it all when you think about it. The point is this soul snatching technique is being practiced in modern times. The fruit is in the behavior of these celebrities. They are the mentors leading people away from the Most High with an agenda of tolerance.

If anything this explains why so many celebrities who fell for the money trap have morphed into demons. In some cases you can see their demon through the “windows of the soul” . . . the eyes. Even Beyonce, admitted she felt something come into her. The only thing that has ever come into me is back fat and I am proud of that in the grand scheme of things! Once people come to the conclusion we are spiritual beings they will learn to protect the most valuable gift given to us . . . our souls!

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