27 MILLION Man March in Iraq!

27 MILLION Man March in Iraq!

While things are heating up here at home with the rigged 2016 presidential election, an event described to me as, “a horrifying demonstration to the west,” is happening on the ground in Iraq. In case the theater of the election has distracted you from events ongoing around the world, let me interrupt your regularly scheduled presidential election circus with some other news. It would do all of us well to give some attention to other issues. Especially now as this election is being used to distract the masses from all sorts of malfeasance and news of note from other locales.

Every year in Iraq an event takes place known as the 40th, or Arba’een (Arabic). The Arab’een is a march from Najaf to Karbala in honor of Imam Hussain the grandson of Muhammad 40 days after he was killed, which is customary in the middle east to go to grave of a lost loved one 40 days after their death.


This year the march is being used as cover to make a “horrifying demonstration to the west.” I do not know what this entails or what is expected. It could merely be the gathering of a very large crowd of Shia Muslims in show of solidarity against the west or it could be something far worse. Time will tell. A friend of mine in the area has friends in the march who “confirm that they (the organizers of the this march, Shia Muslims) want to horrify the west.” A march, by the way, that was ban by Saddam Hussein when he was in power. In 2003, though, the march resumed and was aired worldwide, but is now being censored by the media…shocker I know. As the video above states, in 2011 15,000,000 Shia Muslims from around the world participated in the march. In 2015, however, 26,000,000 people participated. That is a nearly two-fold increase in participants. That is a huge crowd of angry people!! The size of the crowd alone is enough to strike fear and awe.

Disregard for Basic Principles of Journalism

A demonstration of this size is not even remotely possible in the US. Westerners don’t believe in anything enough to demonstrate at this level. We are too concerned with our own comfort to stand up for anything in mass like this. The images of the marches are very sobering, a gathering of this magnitude should give all of us pause, especially knowing that the aim of it is to “horrify the west.”


I would encourage you to stay vigilant in your heart and mind and not be swept away by the theatrics of the presidential election. It is designed to distract you from events such as the March in Iraq and engender an emotional response. The media and the powers that be have been very successful at this.

Proverbs 4:23New Living Translation (NLT)
23 Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.

Dear reader we are living in tumultuous times. I am not making any predictions that something is going to happen. Just wanted you to know the word on the street (in a very volatile location, that is very unhappy with the west) seems to indicate something is planned. If I may also use this an opportunity to put a human face on what is happening in the middle east. Often when we get news from Syria or Iraq, it comes in the form of statistical information, ## killed…## wounded. We then go on about our business thinking “what’s new?” Let this be a reminder that people are dying, people…children are being kidnapped, women are being raped. Even though things seem relatively safe here at home, do not forget that this middle eastern conflict was started by the US and the rest of the world knows it, and they are NOT happy about it…feel free to read into that what you will.
Up to 600,000 children trapped in Mosul
I heard a report in recent days that babies who were taken from Yazidi and Syrian families who were fleeing ISIS in 2014 were cut up and sold as meat to eat in a restaurant(s) in Turkey. An individual who I am in contact with whose 19-year-old sister was kidnapped, sold to ISIS and killed. These are not isolated occurrences…it is a way of life for the people in these war-torn areas. While much of this is perpetrated by particular Islamic factions and ISIS, these are still people with souls and we should not grow cold the level of human suffering that never ends in this part of the world.

A topic that I think could use some clarity for most of us is in the west is what or, rather, who ISIS really is. ISIS is not simply a giant group of militant Muslims. ISIS is made up of two cooperating factions, one which is Muslim that grew from the fall out of the US led invasion of Iraq and mostly fueled by social media. The other operates under the cover of the Islamic faction and is funded, armed, trained, and staffed by the CIA. The locals understand that the Islamic faction of ISIS is responsible for killing Sunni Muslims and desecrating mosques and ancient Islamic holy sites in Syria and Iraq, with eyes on the Kaaba stone in Mecca. Where the CIA backed faction is responsible for the killing of Christians\Catholics and destruction of churches, cathedrals, and monasteries…your tax dollars at work my friends.

To many of you this does not come as much of a surprise because you follow the underground news reports. Underground news or alternative media has been exposing the US involvement and untold horrors of these wars since the Syrian conflict began. To others of you this news might come as quite a shock and even unbelievable…that the US is backing ISIS. I encourage you to research these matters for yourself. Even mainstream media is starting to reveal some of these realities. I will leave you with these articles that gives some insight into the matter.

The De Facto US/Al Qaeda Alliance

ISIS & Hillary Clinton funded by the same $$.

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For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39
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