Alternative Media “Christian” Crooks and the Golden FLEECE!

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The “Christian” alternative media is plagued by some unscrupulous men driven by deceitful hearts who target senior citizens for their own financial gain. The true nature of these men is to enrich themselves using fraudulent advertising and harmful investment practices; which only they benefit financially. The psychic weapon they use against their listeners are spiritual quotes and self proclaimed spiritual grandiose where people fear harming the “anointed.” While all the while executing a scheme to win the financial confidence of the listener and subsequently parlaying secret insider “V” (a.k.a, “V” the Guerrilla Economist, Viji Varghese, Vincent Varghese) the fraudulent “European Banking Insider” advice ( authentic resume for “V” the Guerrilla Economist) into a seemingly innocuous secure investment strategy.

Especially since this “banking expert” “V” claimed the United States economy would collapse in 2014, 2015, and now 2017. The truth is “V” (Viji Varghese) has never worked in high level banking and his false banking resume was used like the light on the angler fish to ensnare victims. Remember it was Steve Quayle who read Viji Varghese (“V”) financial insider letters on “ The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.” Doug Hagmann introduced “V” as a financial insider who “knows” what he is talking about and Steve Quayle took it a step farther and described “V” as a high level banking insider who did not make it to the top without knowing what he is doing.



Steve Quayle used Viji Varghese’s false emails (which are still available for download at to create a distrust of the American dollar and at times even a financial panic. Steve Quayle read over eighty emails from the “financial insider” Viji Varghese and eventually Viji Varghese was invited onto “The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.” From here Viji Varghese was fraudulently promoted on many “alternative” radio shows including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. This shows a network of duplicitous individuals or if not duplicitous, a “zero” vetting at the guest level to validate their credentials and claims.


The American Association for Retired People (AARP) warns senior citizens about precious metal scams (click here to read more)


In fact, Greg Hunter (, Ken Shortgen (, and Georgia Noory (host of were made aware “V” is a fraud and have made no response! Look at the logic of these men where they promote a man who is a fraud and targets senior citizens to fleece them from their savings! These men are the “granny robber barons” of alternative radio peppered with a speck a truth and embellished to the Nth degree. Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Viji Varghese used “The Hagmann & Hagmann Report” to run a “bait and switch” precious metals operation. The fake investment banker Viji Varghese was used to steer listeners into “precious metals.”

This was the “bait” where the allure and stability of gold/silver was the financial security necessary based on the dire economic forecast from the “European Investment Banker” Viji Varghese. Next was the “switch” where the elderly customer was switched to coins! This is a scam that The American Association for Retired Persons (AARP) have warned their members about. It is absolutely the worst approach to preserving wealth and the transactions cost are inflated to fleece the customer and enrich the seller.



So, let’s recap thus far and make sure understanding is crystal clear. First, Steve Quayle uses “The Hagmann & Hagmann Report” to create the secret identity of “V” (Viji Varghese) a “European Investment Banker” (when Viji Varghese is of Indian/Syrian ethnicity and has a degree in Nutrition) from The Royal Bank of Scotland. After promoting insider lies for months Doug Hagmann invites Viji Varghese onto his radio show as a “precious metals” expert. Finally, their client base never actually invest in gold or silver bars, but coins with gold or silver in them. This is a scam the AARP has warned senior citizens from and over 300 million dollars have been scammed from senior citizens in a year.


Fraud activity tends to follow market prices. Reports of gold and silver scams fell significantly in 2014 and 2015, when metal prices sank. It's hard to find reliable overall national statistics, but a 2014 report from the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging estimated that more than 10,000 Americans have been victimized by precious metals cons, with losses of around $300 million. True losses are likely higher because many victims don't know they've been duped.



Mind you, in the mist of all of their lies and deception the Word of God is being promoted! These are the very men who I believe are aligned with like spirited men who convincingly quote Scripture and claim to be “watchmen on the front lines.” They are always quick to throw out, “Touch not my anointed…” because this alleviates them from suspicion or threatening actions from their victims. Why would the Lord direct these men to commit fraud and steer senior citizens into a “precious metals” scam? Because it is not The Most High behind these men, but the Father of Lies. How does Viji Varghese look in the mirror after blatantly lying to the listening audience and being party to fleecing the retirement accounts in a “coin” scam?



In my opinion these are the behaviors of people suffering with clinical psychosis. There is no more right or wrong; only what is right for them. Anyone who was close enough to uncovering their senior citizens scam was immediately attacked by their shills or had a radio show dedicated to slandering them. All the while the precious metals scam continued. One senior citizen (who will remain anonymous) shared copies of documentation of the Renaissance Precious Metals (one of many of Steve Quayle’s companies) transaction. Here she ordered 1,600 Buffalo silver coins at $31 and only 1,500 were shipped! After Steve Quayle was done with her on the phone she donated $1,000 to Doug Hagmann and $1,000 to a prayer intercessor! The remaining $1,300 balance was settled with pre-1965 silver coins!


Packing slip from Steve Quayle’s company proving coin sales are the “precious metals”


Of course she took an immediate loss when the transaction was complete because of the mark ups and invisible cost she was not aware. This is why the AARP warns senior citizens not to get involved with gold or silver coins as a way of preserving wealth. Do you really believe a “high level” investment banker would steer you into precious metal coins? This is what Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Viji Varghese made people believe. There is actually a formula at play here which is: FRAUDULENT BANKING CREDENTIALS + RADIO PROMOTION = PRECIOUS METAL COIN SALES.


"Because there's so much subjectivity in the value of coins, it's always ripe for deception," says Dama Brown, regional director of the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) southwest division.



Now do you understand what this “ministry” is really about? How can a ministry that lies and deceives be about The Most High? This was nothing more than an online scam where senior citizens were victimized by a polished fraudulent presentation. Viji Varghese was wrong to claim he is a European investment banker working for the Royal Bank of Scotland in London. When his actual claim to fame in banking was a position as “Assistant Branch Manager” at a Citizen’s Bank branch. Steve Quayle had a responsibility to background check Viji to verify all of his unrealistic and grandiose banking claims. Instead he promoted Viji regularly on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report and they all profited immensely.



The smoking gun and inescapable fact is Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Viji Varghese used Biblical Scripture and fraudulent business practices to ensnare senior citizens into a known coin scam where AARP warned its members to beware. They use “Christianity” as a beacon and to avoid detection as being con men, but the proof is in Viji Varghese’s resume and the fact coins are not the answer for protecting your wealth. It is a different ball of wax if you are a true numismatic coin collector who knows the ins and outs of various minted coins. These senior citizens are not them. They are people who trusted that “V” was telling the truth based on his high level banking credentials and Steve Quayle, and Doug Hagmann are men of God.



There is even a comment on a YouTube video where a man invested $150,000 into a precious metals coin scam and lost his shirt in the transaction. He was said to have been so distraught he committed suicide. These men are hurting people and the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with them. I know I am disgusted to know they peddle Scripture as part of their act which makes this a spiritual crime as well. You do not have to take my perspective on these frauds because the AARP has warned their very members of frauds like Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Viji Varghese. There is nothing lower than to target the elderly and their retirement funds so you can prosper.



Now we know how Viji Varghese gifted himself with a souped up Dodge Charger from the blood, sweat, and tears of his senior citizen victims. Now we know how Steve Quayle could afford his own helicopter. Viji Varghese once told me he netted over $6,000,000 in precious metal sales for Steve Quayle’s company Renaissance Precious Metals. And now we know the “precious metals” were actually coin sales which usually lose the victim money.

How anyone can continue to support these lowly con men who operate without a conscious is beyond me. Anyone reading this claiming these men are “anointed” and do not recognize the fact these men are scamming victims with “precious metal” coins need to be psychologically evaluated. There are crimes being committed on the radio and I would not be surprised if this turns out to be a money laundering operation. Doug Hagmann can continue to blather on the radio he is under attack, but the moral of the story is do not do the crime if you cannot do the time. The questioning of the integrity of these men would not be in question if they had integrity.

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • Alex backman


    • How can they escape their actions now? Viji has totally bought into his lie he is some type of financial guru when he has zero high level banking experience. Quayle has already thrown Viji under the bus and Viji denies who is when confronted with a picture of himself! If people only knew!

      • Alex backman

        Peace Mike. Excellent article… I just recorded a YouTube video on your article and then some. Just giving my input on the matter. I think impunity is even worse than apathy and ignorance. There is complicity here and the ‘circle of trust’ that these unholy conmen form a part of is being exposed. The idea is to get the ball rolling and have it snowball so it gains the traction it needs. At least for the victims. I would love to interview the victims and get their testimonies and upload them. Their stories need to be heard.

        • Hi Alex,

          Thank you so much for your endorsement on this post. I know you have been slandered by these cowards as well as threatened. I hope people wake up and demand honesty with these individuals. I believe they will do everything in their power to keep their ill gotten financial gains. Great idea with the victims the more who share the more will come out.

      • Alex backman

        Here is the link to the video. Please wait 30 mins for it to finish uploading.

        • jay

          Good stuff posting a video, hopefully it will help alot of people. These clowns have a large audience.

        • USPatriotOne

          90% of what you are hearing is total BS..!!! The Hagmanns are just defending themselves from people like this person attacking them! I know the Hagmann’s and what he is saying is total and complete BS. I get so sick of the lies and attacks on good people! I would bet this person has a liberal background as well. People need to check what this person is getting out of this beside doing nearly NO real research! And Pet Santilli is NO source of reference for credible information. I have caught Pet putting disinformation a number of times! Wake-UP American and do your own research. God help us, PLEASE!

          • My post is 100% factual; hence, ALL of the exhibits. The Hagmann’s are defending themselves because people have learned they promoted a fraud and profited. It is ILLEGAL to use FEAR TACTICS and FRAUDULENT credentials to sell precious metals.

            None of this is complete BS! Nice try, but the FACTS speak for themselves. Not your emotional tirade against the truth.

            If you are truly sick of the lies then stop supporting Doug Hagmann. Let’s see, investigative journalist, Marinka Peschmann, caught Hagmann in a false NSA allegation AND Hagmann’s fake SWAT story. He has a HISTORY for lying.

            So how is a LIAR “good people?” Are you even serious? What does anyone’s background have to do with the fact: STEVE QUAYLE, DOUG/JOE HAGMANN, AND VIJI VARGHESE…ILLEGALLY USED FRAUD AND FEAR TACTICS TO SELL PRECIOUS METALS?

            Here is the real gem of your response, “People need to check what this person is getting out of this beside doing nearly NO real research!”

            I am a WITNESS. No real research? ALL of my post are FULL OF EVIDENCE!

            I have NOTHING to do with Pete Santilli. I KNOW these men are LIARS and FRAUDS.

            You can demonize me all you want…more people are coming forward. The TRUTH is coming out.

            Sorry, your idols have tricked you. It must be difficult to deal with the fact they have operated a wire fraud operation and defrauded the elderly, but that is what THE ELDERLY VICTIMS are saying…not me. I am just reporting it.

            You need to WAKE UP yourself and stop being a cheer leader for these frauds.

  • jay

    Mike, this is crazy. At first I wanted to scream that people aren’t waking up, but I realized I cant force people to do anything even for their own good. As someone who at one point thought Quayle was authentic all I can say is thanks even though I know you didn’t do it for the gratitude. One of your earlier articles actually helped me stop listening to these clowns before you started to name names, you spoke about how anyone peddling fear can’t be of God, and that’s all these “prophecy watch” people do.

    • Eventually people will have to face the truth. These men are criminals who operate with total disregard for the law. They have no respect or fear of the consequences of the law. You are fortunate to have discerned the fear promotion these con men profit from. The facts are laid out and I HOPE they attempt to lawyer up. Let’s go to court and see who is left standing when the facts are presented.

      • Spiritual warfare

        So glad you are on these shysters trail. They are bowing tongue like bible says, under influence of of devil forces. This year I realized they have been scheming long years. SQ on radio more than 20 yrs. All the Hags will have great judgment of God, no place in Heaven.

        • Hey, thanks. All that needs to happen for these shysters to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing. You should listen to the hypocrisy from Viji as he “uncovers” frauds and talks about righteousness. It is hilarious. I listened to an excerpt from Quayle misquoting Deuteronomy 28. He is a devil and all those around him are devils too! They really do not believe God exist, because if they did they would not be doing what they are doing! Stay in touch…we must stick together. There is strength in numbers and share this post to share the truth…it is full of evidence.

  • Alex backman
  • Alex backman

    Uploading another video exploring this even further…. EVIDENCE OF INVESTIGATION ON STEVE QUAYLE (Please give it 45 mins to upload)

  • USPatriotOne

    You people better wake-up, the person behind this article is not telling the complete truth. Doug and Joe Hagmann found out about “V” a couple of years back and he has not been on the show since! Your letting a web site name like “” color your perception if the truth! I would be looking into this person/sites background as well! Like how much money this site takes in, and what are they promoting/selling? This organization puts down other sites/people while promoting their own agenda…watch out people, I see a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing here! God help us, PLEASE!

    • I was wondering when one of the Quayle/Hagmann shills would show up! Welcome! You give me the opportunity to reiterate the facts, While you have NOTHING, but innuendos. In other words…smoke screens. Guess what? When the smoke clears the facts remain: Quayle, Hagmann, and Varghese defrauded millions of listeners.

      It does not matter the name of my website! That is ALL you could come up with? That is just sad. My background is I do not tolerate abuse from thieves or fake Christians. I am NOT SELLING anything. So keep fishing while you rep the granny robber barons of Christian broadcasting.

      Yes, this site has its OWN opinion…what a crime!

      I have clearly provided enough evidence to PROVE Steve Quayle, Doug/Joe Hagmann, and Viji Varghese broke the law. It is illegal to use fear tactics to sell precious metals. It is also illegal to use fraudulent information which deceives people into precious metal sales.

      Quayle CREATED “V” by not executing due diligence and publishing his emails on his site. Are you seriously trying to sell Doug Hagmann being a “super detective” where he could not perform a simple background check on Viji Varghese?

      FINRA, has BROKER CHECK and Doug Hagmann could have verified Viji Varghese was a “European investment banker” from the Royal Bank of Scotland. None of that happened because according to Viji Varghese he brought in over six million in sales.

      Another grandmother has come forward she sent Quayle $100,000 and she lost her shirt on the deal. Everytime you show up here representing these frauds prepare to hear the facts. Next time you show up here try bringing some…instead of sounding like a cheer leader for granny robber barons.

      Tell your greasy fake Christians to financially repair the elderly people they ripped off. That will be a start for their redemption.

  • allen rader

    Holy Shit I just found out QYAYLE believes GIANTS are dead(kind of asleep)in underground tombs and they are about to come back to life and eat us-I bullshit you not