The Night the Moon Blazed Across the Sky

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On September 26, 2014, my son and I witnessed the Moon where it appeared it was moving at tremendous speed across the night sky. I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime and I thought the video was lost! Luckily, I found the video today and I am uploading it for others to see. Strangely enough my son and his neighborhood friend witnessed the same phenomenon the prior night. That particular the night they ran into the garage to alert me it was happening again. I grabbed my video camera and began recording this strange occurrence. My only explanation is the Moon was not moving, but the Earth was shifting into a new position in space.



I often wonder about the prophetic verse in the Bible (Acts 2:19) where is says we will witness wonders in the heavens above. Because if you witnessed what we witnessed with the Moon that night, the best word to describe it would be wonder. I know it was the Most High creating this wonder and I am curious to as the purpose. The Book of Exodus has a similar account where the stars of the heavens appeared to falling to the Earth, but it was really the Earths poles shifting. Honestly, I am not sure how any of this adds up because many other news outlets would have covered this story. 

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