75,000 Mile HOLE in the SUN!

75,000 Mile HOLE in the SUN!

I love Universal confirmations or synchronicity because not even 72 hours ago I wrote about “The Day of the Lord and the connection to the Sun. Now NASA has released video footage of a 75,000 mile hole in the Sun! The black spot “is large enough to produce ‘M-class’ solar flares, which can cause radio blackouts on Earth, knock out communications satellites and create radiation storms.” The “DailyMail.com, wrote an informative article on this anomaly and the next few days will show us the results. In my post, “About the Day of the Lord” and submitted the Sun is going through changes and NASA has confirmed it with this latest story. One day the Sun is going to change the world and no one will be exempt.



Scientific minds are concerned about magnetic damage to communications and satellites while Biblical prophecy addresses a destruction and healing to human bodies. It is clear science has no predictive capabilities of the Sun and can only react. What happens when a change to the Sun is not observable? The main concern by NASA is the massive sunspot is growing which means there is an increased change in power grid disruption. Although sunspots are common this one appears to be the only one on the Sun at the moment and it is growing.

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Michael Erevna

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