Beginning or Middle of the Sorrows?

Beginning or Middle of the Sorrows?

In the Book of Matthew 24:7-13 Jesus refers to a time on Earth which foreshadows His return to Earth. It is a time of great Earth changes and extreme weather. We are in it now and we have for some time now. When was the beginning? Well, that is a matter of debate, but with the advent of YouTube, we are given a global perspective on these events.



I submit to you the Beginning of the Sorrows began in 1986 as this was the beginning of the upswing in major earthquakes. Since then we have not just been inundated with major earthquakes, but other extreme rains and flooding, which leads to sinkholes. Jesus, also referred to them as “birth pains” lending credence to the Native American label of “mother” Earth. The Earth is in the process of giving birth to a new surface of the Earth.

Even active volcanoes are on the upswing and all of these extreme Earth events are prophesized not just in the Bible, but across diverse cultures. Oral history is the mechanism of exchange within indigenous peoples and they too speak of an end of an Age where the Earth goes through extreme changes. Prophecy is on the same page when it comes to these key moments in time. What people do not understand is the intensity of these “birth pains” are related to our collection actions and consciousness.



The more society deviates from Divine Law the more rains and solar intensity will be on the rise. The Most High uses both of these to transform the Earth. The floodgates of the Heavens will be opened which in turn causes changes to the integrity of the tectonic plates. Coupled with coronal mass ejections cause Earthquakes and sinkholes. As man trudges forward in celebration of making his own laws acceptable the Most High has Natural responses in place for correction.



The weather is only going worsen as we approach the tipping point which culminates in the greatest earthquake ever and a solar event. All we can do is hold on to the “door handles” and hope we are one of the survivors. There is no way to stop the free ideology now which free will drives.

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Michael Erevna

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