Ancient Moon Civilization?

Ancient Moon Civilization?

The passing of Neil Armstrong has reignited many theories of what actually was witnessed during his trip to the moon.  Many say the truth was suppressed in order to shield the world’s religions from destruction. How could any of the “Holy Books” explain the existence of an ancient civilization on the moon?  Conspiracy theories have gone viral when it comes to the moon because some say the US never made it there,  others say we did and finally the moon holds many secrets.

I stumbled upon a long video a few months ago and watched it in its totality.  The reason being it was about what really happened on the Neil Armstrong moon trip.  It is chalked full of video and images of buildings and other images on the moon allegedly never seen before.  My first question was where and the hell did this footage come from?  If it is authentic and how did it get released on YouTube?  You would figure if it was genuine it would be suppressed, right?

In a nutshell the video is a compilation of UFO and actual footage of buildings on the moon and get this – even bodies!  There is video of a huge ship the size of Manhattan. As always because we are getting this information from the Internet it must be vetted. The narrator brings a Biblical analysis of the footage and believes the moon was populated by fallen angels.  He analyzes the origin of UFO stories and witness testimony and juxtaposes them against The Book of Enoch. 

When you see the footage of the moon,  the ancient architecture is reminiscent of ancient sites on the Earth.  The stone perimeter walls and buildings definitely have look of ancient Peru.  Many researchers have proven many photos released from NASA have Photoshop airbrushing evidence.  Is this the reason why? Does this prove fallen angels left their first habitat and set up shop on the moon, if you will?   Shifting global belief from fallen angels to aliens certainly debunks the validity of the Bible; however, if authentic this video validates Enoch who is referenced in the Book of Jude in the Bible.

While watching the video you quickly come to the conclusion – how does the narrator know all of these so-called facts?  For example the astronauts set up mirrors on the moon to discourage the “demons” from assaulting them.  Also,  how does he know there was animal life on the moon.  He speaks of temples and the dimensions being 5 miles wide and 15 miles high?  Can you imagine seeing this?  Some of his descriptions sound much like architecture described in the Book of Revelation!

In my opinion, this is the best UFO/Moon compilation footage I have seen in a long while.  If you want to get up to speed on many theories on the web today this is the video.  It is very long so be prepared! If you know this footage or images are a hoax then please comment.

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