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Beyonce is one of the most famous entertainers of all time. She is proven not to be just a vocal talent but an electrifying dancer and an actress. Most of us have watched her mature into a woman, an artist, and now a mother. When she began her career she claimed Christian roots and with that was an expectation to honor the Word. Now her life is a contradiction to the Word in lifestyle and art.


She married Jay Z (aka Shawn Carter) and both have incorporated arcane occult symbols into their videos, jewelry, and apparel. What you wear informs the public what you are into and it certainly appears satanism is the goal. Below you will find articles which have analyzed Beyonce and her relationship to the occult. After Superbowl 47, it is no longer a theory there is a recipe for witchcraft at play and you will see it if you educate yourself. Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.

A San Francisco Church Plans A Beyoncé Service!
A San Francisco Church Plans A Beyoncé Service!April 20, 2018Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, PeopleY’all done gone too far now, church! There is a church in San Francisco that will perform a mass dedicated toBeyoncé! It is being reported as, San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral Church to Hold Beyoncé Mass. The same women who recited a poem where she would use Bible pages to pluRead More
The “Seed of the Serpent” Celebrity Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort
The “Seed of the Serpent” Celebrity Hurricane Harvey Relief EffortSeptember 26, 2017Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, PeopleIt is amazing to see the video production skills of some YouTube producers as they mature over the years. Some of these individuals had zero video production experience and soon are splicing video together with the skill of a news production studio. If you have not seen one of “The Black ChildRead More
Beyonce: From “Queen Bee” to “Queen of Witches”
Beyonce: From “Queen Bee” to “Queen of Witches”February 17, 2017Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, PeopleThe world is Beyonce’s stage and her fans watched her mature from Destiny’s Child to an international solo career. During this time she started out as a wholesome girl to a “strong” Black woman dripping with sexuality. As her career matured troubling spiritual artifacts beganRead More
EVIDENCE Beyonce is an Occult Operator!
EVIDENCE Beyonce is an Occult Operator!September 16, 2016Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, PeopleFor all of the fans who prefer not to read and prefer a video format here it is! We are giving you a video analysis of Beyonce as she evolves into occult magic. This is a spiritual perspective which provides evidence Beyonce is not only mixed up in the occult, but a practitioner of ancient hermetRead More
Beyonce’s Binding Spell: What was RUNE with the 2016 VMA Awards?
Beyonce’s Binding Spell: What was RUNE with the 2016 VMA Awards?September 7, 2016Michael ErevnaBeyonce, FeaturedThe flames are out and the smoke has cleared since the 2016 Video Music Awards (VMA) curtain’s have closed. I did not jump into analyzing the 2016 VMAs because I wanted to see how the blog-sphere would play it out. I know I am going to step on a lot of toes here, but it needs to be done. We haRead More
Beyonce Recites “Poem” She Uses Bible Pages as TAMPON in LEMONADE
Beyonce Recites “Poem” She Uses Bible Pages as TAMPON in LEMONADEMay 6, 2016Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, PeopleI have been tracking the transformation of Beyonce into a demonically inspired artist since her first Super Bowl performance. I serendipitously discovered her role as a result of studying the anciently revered cosmic entrance and exit to the heavens known as the Golden and Silver gates. These are thRead More
Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, and Book of Shadows
Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, and Book of ShadowsFebruary 27, 2014Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, PeopleBeyoncé and her entertainment career has been embroiled in much controversy for her connection to the occult.  She adorns herself with Baphomet  jewelry or other occult related symbols.  She was once known as a Christian but over the years her behavior is a contradiction to the principles of theRead More
Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Beyonce and Star-Gates
Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Beyonce and Star-GatesApril 7, 2013Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, Predictions, Super Bowl, TheoryThe fickle minds of America are easily distracted and have the attention span of a house fly thanks to the speed of media today. What is hot news in the moment is forever forgotten when the next news sensation inundates the airwaves. This is exactly what happened with Beyonce’s Super Bowl perfRead More
Beyonce and Rihanna Share a Demon?
Beyonce and Rihanna Share a Demon?March 11, 2013Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, TheoryThis connection is highly speculative because what we are suggesting involves two different women. Although Rihanna and Beyonce run in the same circles they are still separate people. We are trying to figure out what was happening to Beyonce’s neck during her Super Bowl performance. Her neck wRead More
Are These the Demons of Beyonce?
Are These the Demons of Beyonce?March 7, 2013Michael ErevnaAngels, Beyonce, FeaturedSo I have been streaming my YouTube videos directly to my 55′ inch plasma television through my X-Box. It is nothing less than awesome to comfortably lay on the couch and peruse through your favorite YouTube video producers. I decided to take another gander at Beyonce transforming (by demon poRead More
Watch Beyonce Demon Possessed at Super Bowl?
Watch Beyonce Demon Possessed at Super Bowl?February 23, 2013Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, Prophecy, Super BowlAn astute YouTube producer by the name of XposedbyTruth, meticulously analyzed Beyonce’s facial features at her Super Bowl performance and he believes (and so do I) you can witness her becoming possessed by Demons! It is no secret Revelation Now (read prediction here) blew the proverbial whistRead More
Beyonce Super Bowl Show: Future Map Disaster?
Beyonce Super Bowl Show: Future Map Disaster?February 20, 2013Michael ErevnaBeyonce, Featured, Super Bowl, TheoryWatching Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance raised many questions after further analysis of images incorporated into her ritual. One in particular vexed me because I knew I had seen this image pattern before.  In the beginning of the performance she laid next to an image with a high heel on it.Read More
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