Beyonce: From “Queen Bee” to “Queen of Witches”

Beyonce: From “Queen Bee” to “Queen of Witches”

The world is Beyonce’s stage and her fans watched her mature from Destiny’s Child to an international solo career. During this time she started out as a wholesome girl to a “strong” Black woman dripping with sexuality. As her career matured troubling spiritual artifacts began to appear on or around Beyonce. From Baphomet jewelry to Baphomet embroidered images into her wardrobe or to objects with the Baphomet on them. She shared with the world how “something” comes into her and takes control before she performs which she later called “Sasha Fierce.”


"You shall have no other gods before me." - Exodus 20:3


Ironically, there is an author of an occult Black Magic book “Book of Shadows” and the author’s name is “Sasha Fierce.” She married Jay Z who infamously sported a black hoodie with the occult driven phrase, “Do what thou wilt” on it. Her husband Jay Z has admitted to channeling spirits and even made the statement while mixing a record, “That is why I ain’t ever read the Bible.” He too has riddled his music videos with occult symbols related to Satanism.


Inside look at worshiping other gods…


Despite the occult footprint so deeply embedded in both of their careers they command a cult following. Irrespective of the fact Beyonce and Jay Z worship beings who are the spiritual enemies of mankind according to ancient text including the Bible. There is ONE Creator yet Beyonce and Jay Z chose the lesser gods who have some positive attributes, but are also linked to the Underworld and witchcraft. There is a spell over their fans that refuse to acknowledge the fact these two are tied to occult societies.

Is it not ironic that the competition for Beyonce and Jay Z all met untimely deaths? Aliyah was called the “Princes” of R&B and was more popular than Beyonce before her tragic plane crash. Jay Z was always over shadowed by Tupac and Biggie’s recording careers. They too met untimely deaths and Naz made sure to illustrate some of these facts with his record Ether. Once both their competition met their untimely deaths Beyonce and Jay Z’s careers skyrocketed. Did you know there are occult spells to get rid of your competition?



Beyonce, is now known as the “Queen Bee” which has royal connotations in ancient Egyptian lore. Compared to the great singers of the last 50 years Beyonce’s voice cannot hold a candle to them. She is more of a performer who has ripped off every stripper move ever invented. Her sway over her fans is fueled by sexuality and now a “goddess” persona known as Oshun. Even the extremely popular United Kingdom publication the “Daily Mail” has weighed in on Beyonce chanelling Oshun and how it is a “good” thing for Black people! Strangely, enough Oshun is the also known as the goddess of twins and Beyonce is now pregnant with twins.



The author, Matthew Wright, celebrates the notion Beyonce is doing good work channeling Oshun, and states, “Beyoncé is educating the masses on Oshun. She is seeing how indigenous spirituality can be a powerful tool for changing the world.” The United Kingdom should also be known as the “Pagan Capital” of the Earth and I am not surprised Wright made this comment. What about using the Son of the Most High as the ultimate model for changing the world? Almost every occult book I have studied bows to the Power of Christ. In fact, even Chaldean text acknowledge there is no being more powerful than Christ.

I am not sure if Beyonce even has her GED, but many Black Americans fall into the trap Christianity is the “White Man’s” religion. The fact is Ethiopia’s Christianity was imported for ancient Egypt’s Nile. Herodotus, who is called the Greek father of history, visited Egypt in 5 BC and said, “Egypt is a Negroid culture.” I believe because of Beyonce’s lack of education credentials she has adopted a “religion” that was outlawed by the Most High himself. Not man, but from the Spiritual Mind of the Creator. For all the “good” qualities Wright gushed about Oshun he leaves out she is also known as “Queen of the Witches.”

According to the Bible, witchcraft is from the devil and anyone who practices it will not enter into Heaven. It is an abomination to God! The art of witchcraft’s origin can be traced directly to the “fallen” angels in the Book of Enoch. Teaching witchcraft to mankind is another reason the “fallen” angels were denied reentry into the highest levels of Heaven. Like the United Kingdom, the United States has turned into an incubator for pagan beliefs, rituals, and channeling every outlawed spirit in the Bible.

The “fallen angels” divided the Earth into Kingdoms and were worshiped as the Most High Himself. Beyonce is doing nothing more than promoting fallen angel worship under the guise of Afrocentrism. If Oshun is so powerful why were African residents imported into the worst slave system in history for 400 years? How exactly is Oshun channeling helping African Black Americans? The Black American race has serious issues which are leading not only to the decline of the Black minority birth numbers, but the Black male in urban areas have a higher drop out rate. The Internet is rife with videos with Black on Black violence and as a whole appear to be spiritually bankrupt.

Unlike Matthew Wright, I am not sure what is so good about Beyonce parading around as if she is a goddess. If she is a goddess she needs to get her GED and comprehensively study all religions because The Book of Enoch out dates them all. Sorry, Beyonce, you fell for the “bean pie” flim flam and you are promoting the very beings who turned their back on The Most High. All we can hope is that Beyonce wakes up from being worshiped as the most overrated “singer” of all time. Also, keep your eye on extreme rain and flooding since her Grammy performance. Oshun, can be evoked for rains and any water based ritual.

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