ESPN Refers to Jeremy Lin as “Chink in the Armor”

ESPN Refers to Jeremy Lin as “Chink in the Armor”

Before reading this article I would like to address prematurely, condemning Ian Begley, as the culprit.  Many readers have passionately brought to my attention he may not have penned the title.  I assumed he penned it because his name was by the title, and this may not be the case.  I am retracting any complaints regarding him until the name of the exact person is presented.  I would like to personally apologize to Ian Begley if this was done in error.  – Michael Erevna

Jeremy Lin, the latest NBA media darling, of the New York Knicks should have thick skin, on and off the court. This week he made it into the cross-hairs of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Who claimed he was only getting this attention because he is “Asian”. I thought it was because the Knicks were below 500 and he came off the bench and rattled off 7 consecutive wins.

On his heals, is Ian Begley (this was the name under the title: Begley), of ESPN (Mobile) who headlined his coverage of the Knicks loss to the Charlotte Hornets, as a “Chink in the Armor”. Who is the bad guy here? Is it Ian Begley or the ESPN editor, who said this is perfect, let’s run with it! This is nothing more than veiled racism. For those that miss this connotation, let’s take a look at the definition, of the word “chink” and what it means to an Asian person.

“Chink (also chinki, chinky, chinkie) is an English slang term referring mainly to a person of Chinese ethnicity but sometimes generalized to refer to any person of East Asian descent. Contemporary usage of the word as an ethnic slur has sparked controversies in the media for many years and many people consider the term an insult.”

Jeremy Lin, is being attacked because of his race. He has shared his spiritual beliefs and has now been compared to Tim Tebow. Now he is being totally disrespected because he is an Asian with “mad-game” and (if he had knowledge of the headline before print) Ian Begley, thought it would be cute to capitalize on this double entendre as a writer.  I find his attitude sophomoric and I now put him in the “Kramer” category, if he is responsible for this.

Anyone, reading this article let’s take corrective action and find out who exactly is responsible at ESPN. Make them an example that racial insensitivity will no longer be tolerated by the people. Below you will find contact information for ESPN.  Make a stand and let’s effect change!  What do you say? Maybe after this, this person will need some Lin-ament for his wounded ego!

ESPN Mailing Address:

ESPN Television
ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010

Phone: (888) 599-ESPN

File Complaint


Reference Links for Story Updates:

The name of the ESPN anchor fired for the “Chink in the Armor” headline is revealed.
Ex-ESPN Writer says slur was ‘honest mistake’

ESPN has fired the employee responsible for this racial slur and this is a good move. Now we can focus on curing our “Lin-Sanity”.  Good move ESPN,  we commend you! Racism beware, we will find you and you will pay!

ESPN fires writer of offensive headline about Jeremy Lin

RevelationNow has added this link to support the truth. If in fact, Ian Begley, did not pen the title, he SHOULD be exonerated; however, the person who did this is known at ESPN. The question is who? I tire of racism being entrenched in corporate America without consequence or accountability. Based on the testimony of Ian Begley’s Asian friends, I have posted this. We all should hope to have friends like them.

NEED YOUR HELP: Wrong Person Blamed for “Chink In the Armor” Jeremy Lin article


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