Sex, Drugs, Music and Plato

Sex, Drugs, Music and Plato

As we look at our civilization today many would agree we are in a moral decline.  Spirituality has been overshadowed by the quest for the almighty dollar,  material gain, technology, and sexual conquest.  It is really sad Church’s Chicken has more visitors than local churches. This moral decline is not geographically bound, either.

All of the continents of the world are declining at the same time. The question is, how is this possible?  The answer is right in your face, or better yet, right in your ears…music.  Most of us have never meditated on the power of music.  There is a science behind music and the ancient civilizations knew this.  One of the greatest Greek minds said something very fascinating about music.

Give me the music of a nation; I will change a nation’s mind.” – Plato

Yes, folks the wise Plato knew music was used to control the people.  He said the Egyptian civilization was spiritually united because of music.  The Egyptians used it to control the people. From the musical chords, to the lyrics, songs were carefully constructed to program the subconscious mind to oscillate toward  spiritual laws, first.  Music was actually engrained to the soul of the listener.

Plato was aware, in order for a society to be spiritually healthy, the music would need to be a reflection of spiritual principles. This free-thinker has another fascinating quote which challenges the music industry of today. It is equally important as his prior quote and for those readers who are spiritual,  it is the measure of society, where ever you live.

“If you want to measure the spiritual depth of society, make sure to mark it’s music.”– Plato

With this being said, we are on the road to destruction.  Our music has been hijacked and replaced with glorified karaoke specialist. These so-called artist of today are not talented like real musicians of prior decades.  They are handed the lyrics and are directed in videos to propagate the toxic corrupt music of today. There is absolutely nothing healthy about these top selling artist.

In fact, Plato would condemn this music, as cancerous frozen geometry, for the soul.  This is not an accident we are here today with toxic music. This has been a meticulously executed plan which has been unfolding since the 1960s. It is like the old bull who knows to slowly approach the heifers in order not to create an alarm.  This way the bull can mount them all; every single heifer will stand there and wait their turn.

The decline of ancient Egypt was accompanied by a transition away from spiritually “sound” music. We are seeing this today in music videos, where sex sells and bank accounts swell. This is because the people have accepted the destruction of society through music.

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful “artist” of 2011 from a commercial vs. a spiritual perspective.

The Commercial Analysis: Katy Perry

The Spiritual Analysis: Katy Perry

The Commercial Analysis: Lil’ Wayne

The Spiritual Analysis: Lil’ Wayne

The Commercial Analysis: Nicki Manaj

The Spiritual Analysis: Nicki Manaj

The Commercial Analysis: Kanye and Jay Z

The Spiritual Analysis: Jay Z

The Spiritual Analysis: Kanye

The Commercial Analysis: Lady Gaga

The Spiritual Analysis: Lady Gaga


This is just a sampling of artist from 2011 and as you can from the Plato perspective this music is spiritually bankrupt.  It does not unify the people nor will it bring a positive outcome to society.  It promotes marijuana, anarchy, and sexual intercourse. There is no mention of God and promotes pagan ancient symbols.  These symbols have been incorporated into clothing. We are suffering with a music industry virus directed at the soul.

If these artist are the marionettes then who are the puppeteer? Who are the song writers, directors, video producers, and wardrobe people behind this musical poison?  Who is promoting concepts like, “whatever deities you pray too”, to cascade across cultures into the minds of the unwitting and gullible  listeners. What we are witnessing is the systematic dismantling of the God head in our cultures.

America achieved this by separating church and state. Although it says in “God we trust”, all mention of Him is taboo in public education. I remember saying prayers in school before  lunch. Ironically, the Muslims have Allah engrained into the essence of their culture. Removing God from public schools was necessary in order to promote the God-less music of the artist you see above.

Plato would clearly see this music has no spiritual depth in our society and it is nothing more than the attempt to turn men into Gods.  The number one  law of this is “Do what thou whilst.” Our only defense for this is to turn our backs on these artist and stop lining their pockets with gold.  Collectively,  we have the power to change the world and bring spiritual music back to the airwaves.

Say no to Jay Z, Lil’ Wayne, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Lady Gagas of the world and anyone else who can not stand up to the Plato rule…say no.  Plato would say protect your nation and leave a lasting long healthy spiritual legacy for your children.
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