Egyptian Sarcophagus:Whitney Houston Funeral

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The Whitney Houston funeral was not as normal as the television cameras revealed.  You would think a Baptist (wake) funeral home would be free of any ancient Egyptian coffins?  In fact,  was it not Moses,  who was directed by The Most High, to liberate His people from physical and spiritual bondage from Egypt.  This was because ancient Egypt worshiped many deities (ehem…Jay Z) in conjunction with rituals which included group sex (including animals) and murder for worship. Now here is the million dollar question:

What in God’s name were two ancient Egyptian sarcophagus doing placed at the back doors of the Whitney Houston funeral home?

There is something greater than the understanding of the common people happening in plain view.  Another intriguing element is, this was not mainstream news.  Why didn’t the main stream news or their affiliates run a story on this?  It certainly is abnormal to have Egyptian coffins at the backdoor of a (Baptist wake)  funeral home, no?

Regarding the Wigham Funeral Home

“The owner is an old friend of the Houston family , they have a long history with Newarkers and they are considered the best, Queen Latifah’s brothers funeral was also there , this was way before she gained the status she has now and before living single and the talk show and block buster movies, they are celebs in their own right. Lauryn hills grandmother was there as well as John Houston, so that can be another reason they chose that funeral home, the Houston family was famous in Newark long before Whitney was born, she is not even the most famous of the family only to the younger generations”Shalon Leonard,  Newark Native

There is obviously another secret religion at work here.  It it is linked to practices and rituals still in effect since Moses liberated the people from Egypt.  There is too much synchronicity surrounding Whitney Houston’s death referencing ancient Egypt and the occult.  If you have a better explanation I am open to it!

One month and 3 days before the death of Whitney Houston an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus was discovered.  This is where it gets really interesting.   The sarcophagus was discovered in The Valley of the Kings and the tomb is estimated to be 1100 years old!  There is the 11, again.  The mummy found within belonged to Nehmes Bastet, a daughter of the high priest of Amon who sang at a temple. She was considered to be a “diva” of her time.  When these ancient mummies are uncovered is there a finite amount of time to “ritualize” the intentions? Source

“She sang the praises of the god Amun in the 9th century BC – now she lies in a black wooden coffin in the Valley of the Kings.”

Why were the coffins placed at the Whitney Houston funeral home? If they were already there should they not have cleared in respect for the Christian faith? Was this Nehmes Bastet in one of the coffins and Whitney Houston in the other?  Was this funeral home chosen because it was an excellent cover. Is the family of Amun being recreated by the occult? This may sound far-fetched; but, is it any more than placing two sarcophagus at the back door of the Whitney Houston funeral?

Ancient Egyptian belief referred to a number of souls
that together constituted the individual.

I believe we are witnessing an ancient science of resurrection. All of these synchronicities are established in order to unlock  and energize something we do not understand, perhaps an ancient consciousness?   Now we know there is a mummy connected with the death of Whitney Houston. What were the odds this mummy would also be a singer and better yet a diva?

I’ll leave you with this:

“the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ”
(2 Corinthians 4:4 RSV)

Who exactly is the “God” of this world?


PS: Remember these are just “theories” there is no physical evidence.  This theory is solely built upon the uncanny synchronicities of the occult motifs, numerology, astrological alignments, and the recovery of an “ancient singing diva” from a 1,100 year-old tomb. All of  these “coincidences” surround the death of Whitney Houston.  How many coincidences are possible?

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • novelty500

    @Elijah Jacob Shalis I don’t think so. Ms. Houstons family are Baptists and many Baptists are Freemasons. Also, many ppl from that community have said those sarcophagi were always there. They are now at the main entrance of the funeral home. BTW, what funeral home prominently displays Egyptian coffins all over their funeral parlor? Whitneys wake and funeral was undoubtedly a Masonic ritual. Again, Houstons family say they are Christians, yet in the bible Egypt was destroyed because of their occult activities and their worship of god/goddesses. Havinag those sarcophogi there broke a major biblical commandment and that is to have no other god before the true and living God. I understand she did the movie the Prince of Egypt, but her highest grossing film was The Bodyguard. One would think they would have had chosen replicas from that movie to honor her. True Christians would have had a fit if they were “greeted” at the door by two 12ft Egyptian Sarcophagi. It is an abomination before God to have these false gods/goddesses displayed so prominently at a Christian wake and/or funeral. Just a disgrace.Once more, those coffins are appropriate for a museum; they have NO PLACE at a Christian wake, funeral, or burial.

    • blackdove01


      Do you know that most of your Christian rituals were modeled after ancient Egyptian rites? This includes the way that you handle your deceased. The standing sarcophagus represents the resurrection of the soul after death. The Egyptian term “karast” means “the risen”. “Karast” is the origin of your beloved “Christ” or “Christos”. And “Messiah” (“al-Messih” in Arabic) comes from the Egyptian term “Mes”/”Mas” meaning “to annoint”. “Messu” means “the annointed” or those who have been mummified. Do funeral homes not practice some form of mummification when they embalm the dead?

      Incidentally, several of my ancestors were Masons and Eastern Stars dating all the way back to the American post Civil War era. They were both Baptist and Presbyterian. My grandfather was a Mason, but he could barely read. Yes,Freemasons are certainly active in the church, but most are at the lowest levels. They have no true knowledge or understanding of what is truly going on at the top. My folks certainly didn’t. I don’t think Whitney did either. She was strictly about her Bible and appears to be among a handful of celebrities who chose not to display or gesture the Masonic hand symbols we see so prominently these days. Maybe that’s why they got rid of her – she refused to play their game. Additionally, she was attempting to associate herself with the Black Israeli Community over in Israel. That was a HUGE no-no!!! Whitney mentioned in an earlier interview that she was no longer satisfied with her career because the industry had changed. She said it’s now “all about money” and getting it fast. In any case, RIP Whitney. You are loved.

      • Michael Erevna

        @blackdove01 – First, welcome to the site and for leaving a well though out response. I agree people do not understand the true origins of the Scripture. It is no secret Hebrew Israelite people were in Egypt. Obviously, to people like you and I, customs were adopted. It does not negate the Word of God though!

        Whitney’s death is very suspicious and shady.