The Next Mega Quake: Ask Hawaii

The Next Mega Quake: Ask Hawaii

Are we on the coat tails of the next big earthquake?  The earthquake community is buzzing,  something big is coming very soon.  There have been strange noises over the skies of Yellow Stone Park and now Hawaii is getting the “business”.  Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) has measured over one-hundred baby quakes of magnitudes 4.2 and 4.3, this week alone!  The magnitude of them are on the rise because earlier in the week they registered  between 2.o and 3.2.  The most disconcerting element of the quake areas are,  there are two volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Kilauea very close to the epicenter of the quakes.

How can we forget the devastation caused by the earthquake to Japan last year?  Because of this proliferating earthquake activity it begs the question:  Is this a cyclical mega earthquake event?  Can the configuration of the solar system coupled with increasing solar activity be the culprit?  We will know by the third week of March 2012. It does not build any confidence after the Virginia earthquake last year, either.

If this is the case, perhaps the nuclear power plants should be deactivated?  I would be happy with a new form of energy.  The way mega earthquakes are happening today, nuclear power plants feel as safe as a jheri curl at a bon fire.  Well folks it is 2012 and the Mayans along with many other cultures said: “Expect great Earth changes”  or “Mother Earth’s skin is going to tear real bad.”

If I was a betting man I would stay out of earthquake areas in March, especially March 22.  Just be safe everyone and plan ahead. Always have relocation areas to meet in case you are separated. It won’t hurt to have an emergency bag packed either. Just saying…

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