STOP! Zombie Time

STOP! Zombie Time

Out of the blue reality has been inundated with Zombie news.  Real life stories, of a feral butt naked man snacking on another man’s face or one man eating his roommates whole heart with a side of brains.  Finally, a gay porn actor chopping up a man and eating his flesh and then taking the time to mail body parts, to the Canadian Government.  Sounds like the movies right?  Well folks it is as real as President Obama’s Health Care Plan.

What makes this distinctly interesting is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has fueled the potential reality of Zombies by blogging an article titled,  Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse,” and it is actually helpful!  The question is:  Why in the hell would the CDC even promote this?”   What’s next, “Essential Meals: Middle Earth,”  it is this type of journalism from an established Federal Agency which fuels conspiracy theories.  After reading the article it could easily been written for earthquake, tsunami, or tornado preparedness.

If we analyze the latest stories, the one which sounds like a spot on zombie, was Rudy Eugene.  The homeless man in Florida, who was found devouring the face, of another homeless man.  It was said, he was snarling and was shot at close range, four times before he expired.  The news claimed “bath salts” an emerging illegal drug was responsible for the zombie attack and we can expect more!

Below is a video with a Spiritual perspective on what the driving force behind the “zombie attacks.”

“UNCUT Zombie Attack Footage Miami – Enhanced Color” – Please note in the very beginning someone runs past the ‘zombie’ before the killing begins…

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