Illuminati Cloning Leak?

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I will be the first to tell you this sounds far-fetched and the stuff of Sci-Fi novels; but, still it must be investigated.  Last year Nicholas Cage was interviewed by David Letterman  regarding his uncanny resemblance to a civil war soldier.  They both had a good laugh off the photo. The photo was authenticated as genuine which continued to fuel media flames for some time.  Most people who saw this photo agreed it was a solid match…except for the ears!  Does this mean the man in the photo was in fact Nicholas Cage?  I would have to say not really.

Later on another picture surfaced and this time John Travolta was the subject.  In my opinion this picture was a dead ringer for John Travolta.  Again, it was an antique picture from the Civil Was era depicting a man who was the spitting image of John Travolta and this time there was no trouble with the ears. It was being sold on eBay and the seller guaranteed it was authentic. I have become curious if this was a coincidence, two prominent Scientologist would be connected to two-hundred year old photos. Perhaps there are more Scientologist who will have past life doppelgangers? 

It recently came across a picture of a so-called secret chamber in the Scientology center and I can only wonder if it is used to transfer consciousness? What else is it? I am so interested in comments on this!

Michael Erevna, is Editor-in-chief and author of “THY SUN, THY ROD, and THY STAFF”

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