Pepsi:Abortion Cells Make it YUMMY!

Pepsi:Abortion Cells Make it YUMMY!

The next time you pull up to a fast food joint and order a Pepsi to wash down your meal, realize you sucked down sweetener produced by a dead baby!  Well,  not a whole baby,  just extracts from liver cells of an aborted fetus.  Who knew the liver cells of a fetus had the enzymes you need to make a drink tastier?  How did they even discover this shyte?  Was there a scientist who said,  “I wonder what aborted fetus liver extracts would taste like in some cola?”

Basically,  most of us are unwilling participants in a morally bankrupt Pepsi production AND President Obama’s administration sees this as business as usual. I will wait for you to finish throwing up if you have a sensitive stomach.  Only a devil, would trick us into being the end game,  in unethical methodologies for making a soft drink “tasty” and make it legal to use dead baby parts!  Senomyx,  a San Diego based company was given the green light to continue producing flavor enhancing chemicals using human embryonic kidney tissue.  Their perspective is let’s not let all these abortions go to waste and cryptically define this as “isolated human taste receptors.”

“Children of God for Life”,  a not-for-profit Christian based organization blew the whistle on Senomyx, causing an internal shareholder review of Pepsi policies; subsequently, escalating a Federal review of the morally repugnant practice. In defense of Pepsi, shareholders acted responsibly and drafted a 36 page proposal recognizing human rights and ethics to correct this horrific practice.  President Obama’s administration struck this down and said this is nothing more than business as usual!

The next time you wrap your lips around a can of Pepsi,  remember a dead baby helped it to taste great.

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Michael Erevna

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