Best of UFO September 2012

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Record sightings of UFO in 2012 are not slowing down and “they” seem to be descending lower each month.  Do not be be surprised if there is a mass landing in a Walmart parking lot near you soon!  Most of the sightings seem to occur at night and the perfect sound track would be “The Freaks Come Out at Night.”  Have you noticed a shift away from metallic ships to orbs of light?  What is driving the engineering of the ships?  Is there a UFO dealership and the UFO get better each year?

The most fascinating footage (if authentic) from the month of September are the orbs streaking from the surface of the moon.  Why is this not mainstream news?  I know more about Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices than this phenomenon. I am quite perplexed why none of these videos hit the national wire.  I guess they are going to wait for “them” to land and see what exactly walks out? 

The good thing is our friends at are here to compile the best UFO footage for us.  Take a gander at this and let us know what you think?

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  • Joe Rodriguez

    In my opinion, these orbs are demonic angles ol light. Why havent they landed? Why hasn’t the US Government disclosed them? And why isn’t the mass media involved?
    They have not landed and may not need to, they gain more by teasing the world ( Humanity) than “landing” and making contact. It keeps people wondering and excited more and more. The government won’t disclose it because the don’t like questions in which they will have to say “We don’t have a clue” and the media isn’t all over it world wide because it’s not yet time. Something big will happen ( not a landing) in which the wildfire of a media world wide frenzy will switch on and people will be even more confused than ever indwell known Movie actors, sports figures, models and many other celebrities will fuel the ” vibration” towards “salvation” by means of these “super beings” therefore, shifting our faith in the Lord on to “Aliens”.

    • Editorial Staff

      It would appear you are correct. That is the question. Why do “they” not land? Because there is nothing physical about them. Perhaps they are nothing but mentally projected spiritual energy. Whatever the case they do not get the media attention they deserve.

      You are right about the actors as well. Most of the high profile ones are Scientologist and they well validate them. I do not trust anything coming from the actor faction of America.

      Movies like Prometheus and Paul are propaganda to lend credence to the belief Aliens created us OR we evolved from monkeys. Why are there still monkeys?