Narrows Google Map Link to Batman Movie?

Narrows Google Map Link to Batman Movie?

This was a shocking and disconcerting day on  We were notified the Giles County School system decided to shut down the schools based on an article we published on December 18, 2012.  It was bitter sweet because of the controversy it has caused and sweet because of the foresight and precaution executed by the police and the Superintendent.  It is better to err on the side of caution after the nightmare in Sandy Hook. Protect the children at all cost, even at the expense of our reputation.

Now it has come to our attention another synchronicity between the map in “The Dark Knight Rises” and Narrows.  It appears to be a very close overlay to Google Maps.  This exact same synchronicity can be seen with Sandy Hook and Google Maps.  I have read many of the dismissive comments regarding our site as crazy and idiots; but, the proof of the synchronicity is in plain view.  I personally feel there is a spiritual evil behind this and the synchronicities we are discovering.  

We can not take credit for this video because another researcher took the time to produce this anomaly. We can take credit for raising a red flag which the police took seriously.  I hope they have the area protected now because this is getting creepier by the minute!


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