Phoenix Shooting Demonic Stargate

Phoenix Shooting Demonic Stargate

We have found a pattern behind most of these mass shootings as of late and we believe they are orchestrated by demonic possession. These dark forces need a gateway to enter our world and the Galactic Plane a.k.a., The Dark Rift is the doorway into our dimension.  This is why you see the Galactic Plane over so many massacre sites.

Today’s shooting in Phoenix, Arizona is no different. Phoenix police were searching Wednesday for a 72-year-old man suspected in the shooting of three people, one of them fatally, in an office building. Again, we encountered the EXACT same star configuration at many other shooting murder sites. Notice how ALL shootings do not gain National attention but the ones that do seem to ALWAYS have this star configuration.

They have a short window to get in and then return to The Dark Rift. Almost as if there is a “star-gate” which stays open for a few hours.  I believe these dark forces are working with a secret earthly dark cabal in order carry out legislation. This is why you have former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Arizona, testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence and on the same day an office shooting in her home state.

What these demons do is target a human for possession and directly influence their behavior.  Driving them to do something they would not normally do.  It is this way the demonic world is never implicated because no one believes they exist.  The stars do not lie and leave a smoking gun of ancient secrets in the cosmic backdrop. The Dark Rift is where the ancients said the gods actually live. How did they know this?

Alignment over Phoenix on 1/30/2013 at 10:29 AM


Giffords Shooting: Alignment over Tucson on 1/8/2011 at 10:10 AM


They said this is the gateway to the Heavens. They differentiated between Space and the Heavens. There are lower levels of Heaven where the demons are located.  They were all beat down and collectively dropped kicked out of the highest level of Heaven.  So they operate out of this lower level of Heaven. (I have to give a shout-out to Adam Bliss who brought this to my attention.)

I am so happy to learn this because it made me realize all of this Dark Rift activity includes the lower Heavens. This is exactly where the fallen angels and demons are dwelling. There plan is quite simple. They pop into this dimension possess an unsuspecting human, kill some people and leave.  The human is none the wiser and takes all of the blame.

Notice how all of the sudden, more mass shootings are happening around this media blitz to modify the Second Amendment? What are the odds at the same time former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is speaking, a deadly shooting would occur, to influence the masses this gun law change is warranted? We have two forces working against the people and most people only recognize one.

This star configuration is the constant witness because the dark forces are entering our dimension through it. It is nearly impossible to detect but more common at night. This is why you see these balls of light in the sky and most call them UFO but they are not. They do not land because they are not physical. They require a host to operate in our dimension.

Revelation 6:2

I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

Also we have to acknowledge these events have been ordained by The Most High. If we read Revelation 6:2 it pertains (in my opinion) to watching this star constellation over each of the demonically inspired murder sites. It is a sign to those with discernment to watch for the Sagittarius constellation and The Dark Rift. It also show us there is a conquering happening right under our noses.

The word conquer was carefully chosen to reflect the connection to Sagittarius.  Let’s take a look at the definition of conquer: “To defeat or subdue by force, especially by force of arms.” Here we see guns are being used to conquer the rights of the people with Sagittarius — the rider who held a bow over each of the murder scenes. This symbolic verse has a cosmic suspect we have now identified.

In the end, the audit trail of these starry witnesses can not be denied. There is a clear irrefutable pattern we must pay attention to and recognize these dark forces are real as the ancient people testified. We can expect more of these shootings until the new laws are passed and then they will cease. The irony is people will still have guns but the shootings will suddenly stop. Perhaps the real end-game is to identify who has guns? Keep watching for this star pattern!

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