Skate (Fish Oil) Your Way to Better Health!

Skate (Fish Oil) Your Way to Better Health!

Sometimes the best supplements for your body are not on the shelves at your local CVS or Rite Aid. Many health supplements are being heavily researched across the international medical community because of their proven healing properties. Omega 3 (with DHA) has been proven to renew neurological brain functions and Turmeric root is killing triple negative breast cancer including other cancers.  The next most likely researched, will be Skate Liver Oil because it is like a super charged Omega 3 with other healthy benefits for the human body.

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I actually learned about Skate Liver Oil because of its alleged ability to cleanse the pineal gland. I can tell you my pineal gland felt no difference after 3 months and no I could not see dead people. It took about three weeks for it (one daily capsule) to build up in my system and the results were stunningly apparent. I chronically suffered with low energy and muscle fatigue. Every time I climbed a flight of stairs I would feel a slight burning in my upper thigh muscles.

Seasoned Irish fisherman catch a very large skate fish

After 3 weeks, I felt the difference. I climbed a flight of stairs in my house and when I got to the top I realized my thighs no longer had the slight burning sensation. They felt strong and pain free for the first time in a decade! Also, my shoulder joints were not as sore either. My moment of serendipity was the realization I suffer with “hyper-mobility” and Skate Liver Oil is the perfect panacea.

This was not the only benefit I realized from the Skate Liver Oil. I also realized a change in my energy level. I no longer felt lethargic during the day and I felt a marked improvement in my energy level. This was great to feel like you no longer need a cup of coffee to keep you going after three o’clock in the afternoon. This was by far the best my body was feeling in a long time and for my body chemistry, Skate Liver Oil was the answer!

I was so impressed and curious with the Skate Liver Oil I decided to call the company who sells it.  I had the opportunity to speak with the owner David Wetzel and he shared with me the origin of the Skate Liver Oil sold by his company. Apparently, he had a conversation with a Russian fisherman who did not speak much English. He told David, “Skate Liver Oil, you must try”, I am not sure what motivated David, the stoic delivery in broken English or just plain curiosity.

David gave me a brief lesson on the Skate Fish and it began to make sense why the supplement helped me with hyper-mobility. The Skate Fish is a boneless fish supported by hard flexible cartilage. The liver oil of the fish offers the human body a broad spectrum of cartilage support in addition to the Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin spectrum. This is why I consider it a “super-charged” (Omega 3 with DHA) fish oil with cartilage building properties.

Unlike shark liver oil, skate liver oil is abundant in vitamins A, D, E, K, the full range of omega fatty acids, plus all the unique nutrients found in shark liver oil such as chondroitin, squalene, and alkoxglycerols.

Dave also said, “Skate is in the the shark family and they are both cartilage fish.” The Skate fish is harvested for the meat and the livers are by-products. The difference between skate and shark is not fully understood regarding the nutrients in each of them. Not even the medical community understands how cartilage is formed.  The Skate fish can only grow and regenerate cartilage. This oil is not secret and is acknowledged from the tropics to the arctic.

Your body is able to absorb all of the vitamins, acids, and nutrients better because it is an oil and is slowly absorbed in the stomach and upper gastroenteritis tract. Alternative health care providers have also incorporated Skate Liver Oil into their patient care. It is here more benefits are being captured such as mood improvement as well gum and teeth health. The most immediate acknowledged change is increased energy.

Many years ago I had my shoulder reconstructed because of chronic dislocation problems. I chronically experienced a dull pain in the reconstructed shoulder especially if I slept on it wrong. After a month on the Skate Liver Oil I realized my shoulder was no longer aching. I made sure I took this capsule on an empty stomach because I was feeling the results.

Later in the year, my wife was diagnosed with triple negative inflammatory breast cancer. I immediately jumped into research mode and I came across medical evidence Omega 3 reduces inflammation. I learned inflammation is the enemy inside the human body along with excessive fat. The Omega 3 has the reputation of weakening the lining of the cancer cells and the inflammation.

Omega 3 and effects on cancer cells

When taking other supplements like Turmeric the Omega 3 allows the Turmeric to be absorbed deeper into the stomach lining. This means more of the Turmeric can reach the blood system. The Skate Liver Oil is obviously of superior quality to the fish oil containing Omega 3. My plan after my wife beats this cancer is to keep her on a daily regime of Skate Liver Oil and Turmeric.

In addition to healthy diet and exercise this just might just be the one-two punch needed to keep her cancer free for life! I have spread the word about Skate Liver Oil to friends and family. They are taking it now and agree with the results. As always check with your doctor before taking anything especially if you are on other medications. The Skate Liver Oil is a blood thinner and if you are already on a blood thinner or preparing for surgery this could be dangerous.

In closing, Skate Liver Oil seems to be under the radar right now. You will not find it in your average pharmacy today. You will have to order it on-line. It is far superior to just the Omega 3 capsule and has a full spectrum of very beneficial acids, vitamins, and complex chemicals our bodies thrive on.

I noticed when I stopped taking the Skate Liver Oil I reverted back to my previous condition. This tells me this supplement needs to be taken for the rest of my life. As Americans, we know the (FDA approved) foods, beverages, and plastics are causing cancer and the correct supplements balance the scales.

I guarantee you medical researchers will discover other amazing healing properties about Skate Liver Oil, as the research progressively matures. I am a living testimony of the benefits of Skate Liver Oil, with an eight month supply in my freezer right now!

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