Spirit Seen Fleeing Japan Tsunami?

Spirit Seen Fleeing Japan Tsunami?

If this video is authentic it shows increasing spiritual manifestation in our dimension. I myself am not savvy with Photoshop and I can not verify the veracity of the video but I can tell you from regularly watching this YouTube producer’s work — he is a man of integrity.  Furthermore, he is a graduate of film school and he takes great pride in vetting video clips he adds to his film shorts.

Fast forward to 2:14 in the video to see the “spirit”

Just to set-up the video clip, it is of the 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku, causing a horrific Tsunami. It shows the water coursing through a village tearing it up as it rushes through.  Suddenly, you will see a “phantom” rise up out of the water and streak to the roof top and disappear. Some people have claimed it is water but it certainly does not behave as water.  Take a gander at it yourself and see what you think.

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