100 Dollar Bill Predicts NYC Nuclear Attack

100 Dollar Bill Predicts NYC Nuclear Attack

We have been following the “prophecy” or “coincidence” of US currency also synchronizing the destruction of America. How is it possible these bills can be folded to create a picture of the “Pentagon Attack” or the “Oklahoma City Bombing” or the “World Trade Center?”  This result appears to be highly improbable yet very realistic. Does money also serve an occult purpose is the question?

Do you believe it is possible these occult images on the money are part of a spell? Is it a way to imbue subtle energies into the currency to ensure the event materializes in our dimension — when activated?  Is this part of an ancient science bestowed upon mankind from the fallen angels? Was this given to those who worship the fallen angels in order to use against the body of Christ and usher in the return of their king? This can not be an accidental image created by folding the currency — this takes intention.

These eerie images always represent building structures in the U.S. illustrating an attack and the subsequent destruction. The new minted $100 bill follows suit. This time according to YouTube evangelist Jonathan Kleck, he claims NYC is the repeat target. I say this because the $20 folded was the image of the World Trade Center attack.  There are so many skyscrapers in America how is he sure this is NYC? I remember in 2012 when Kleck claimed the “Holy Spirit” told him the Hoover Dam would be attacked — in 2012. This never happened, so what spirit is Kleck talking to?

I do think through his analysis, it does appear there is an explosion being represented on the $100 bill. He does a fine job of building his case. The reality of the analysis of prior bills, there is a tangible track record to pull from and perhaps this will happen. The more you realize we are in the throes of a spiritual war the more you realize sorcery is the cornerstone of these attacks.

Acts 2:17

English Standard Version (ESV)

17 “‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares,that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh,and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,and your young men shall see visions,and your old men shall dream dreams;

These bills used in conjunction with specific star alignments is not just circumstantial evidence but physical evidence. I think these YouTube producers like Jonathan Kleck and KijaniAmariak lose credibility when they claim they are Elijah or angels — whose mission is to return as YouTube evangelist. It does not change the fact they are presenting evidence linked to premeditated  mass murder. I can account for Silver and Golden gates over many of these mass murderous events.

In summary we are pawns in a spiritual war where fallen angel science is being used against us. It is a very subtle magic. I say magic, because we do not understand how it works, and it will be until we understand it.  Based on the currency match with massacre events we can deduce there is a connection.  We also know these massacres are carried out under specific matching star patterns. This shows us there is a “system” at play here. Who is designing this money? There is a consciousness driving the images on the money and tied to the massacres where this shows us collusion

I do find it interesting the bills are folding into a downward triangle. As it is above so it is below symbolism? The U.S. has been under attack for a long time if you follow the money trail. The trail leads to the stars and the stars lead to the dark forces in Heavenly places. It is ironic that Taurus has returned as a major player in this cosmic whodunit. The last time Taurus was a major player in global events, Moses had to liberate his people. This time Christ himself will return and say, “Let my people go!”

Updated October 23, 2013 – 1:40 PM (EST) – Lucky for us since we posed the question in the above post: I do find it interesting the bills are folding into a downward triangle. As it is above so it is below symbolism? Jonathan Kleck was inspired to produce a video addressing this very question. What a fortunate coincidence for our readers! Below you can see why we posed this question.

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