BAFTA: Another Idol MISSING an EYE!

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After being notified by a friend regarding the BAFTA trophy I instantly jumped into investigating it.  BAFTA stands for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and is equivalent to the Oscars in America.  What stands out about BAFTA is the trophy itself. Just like the recently rediscovered statue of Apollo in Gaza now in possession by Hamas — it is missing an eye. Not only that this version of the trophy has a slit pupil for the other eye!

Of course we could not let this go at Revelation Now! Inscribed on the inside of the mask is the atomic symbol. The whole mask is very strange.  There are differences between the Apollo statue and the BAFTA trophy.  The Apollo mask is missing the left eye while the BAFTA trophy is missing the right eye.  If you watched our YouTube video, Apollo the One Eyed god Hollywood Worships you will see how many entertainers cover one of their eyes in all forms of media.

The BAFTA trophy was designed by Mitzi Cunliffe now deceased. It was said she designed the mask to represent theater and we have seen a similarity with the two mask of theater. Here we find one mask crying and the other mask is sad. There seems to be a love affair between the “one eye” and entertainers. The question is why?  

Mitzi Cunliffe (Sculptor)

Mitzi Solomon Cunliffe was an American sculptor. She was most famous for designing the golden trophy in the shape of a theatrical mask that would go on to represent the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and be presented as the BAFTA award.

There must be a connection between hundreds of entertainers who pose covering one eye, Apollo, and even the BAFTA trophy. Even the Quran speaks of the AntiChrist they call the Dajjal who has one eye.  There was an intention here to design the BAFTA trophy which has a relationship to a popular being missing an eye.  There needs to be more research into this very subject!

The next clue I see with the trophy is the slit through the left eye. As you probably know the human eye has a round pupil which dilates based on lighting conditions. The slit is closer to a reptile being. Why would a slit be carved into the human eye? It must have a symbolism known by the initiated into their craft.  It is obvious these actors know something we do not because look through your family pictures and see if you or anyone regularly poses covering an eye.

Finally, there is the atomic symbol inside the mask. What does this have to do with acting? Why carve this symbol into a mold? Does it represent changing the molecular structure of the human DNA? Is this the reason the reptile slit is in the eye? As you can see the mask breeds so many questions! Not to mention the fact the two-thousand year old Apollo statue is missing an eye too.

In closing the BAFTA trophy can easily be connected to other deities embodied as statues. From sculptures like Apollo and Nefertiti the BAFTA trophy neatly fits into the genre. It can be explained away as anything but the relationship therein can not. Global entertainers have been captured intentionally posing with one eye covered which speaks of collusion. The BAFTA trophy can now be added to this mystery.

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  • Memphisman

    Absolutely fascinating! Not surprising however. You know, when looking at the statue and the trophy (which reminds me of the classic symbols/masks for drama/theater), they are MIRROR IMAGES of each other! Hmmmm…

    I find the slit to be quite telling as well. May God continue to give us His Wisdom into these things and show us what He wants us to know! Keep serving Him, Michael!!

    • “they are MIRROR IMAGES of each other! Hmmmm…” THAT IS FASCINATING!

      We are all in this together for sure. I missed that angle but you certainly did not!

      Excellent point! As you know the slit is quite telling. Thank you for your contribution to this mystery! And yes I will ALWAYS serve the Spirit of Truth.

  • Rebecca

    the whole idea of trophies and masks are just dark to me. My opinion is the demonic demons hiding through the media is evident if you have the light of Jesus in you.

  • shug

    i know this is an old post, but did you notice where the atomic symbol is on the mask,the slitted eye is in front of it.if you were to put the mask up to your face, you would have he look of a human animal hybrid.

  • NotASheepLikeYouFuckingIdiots

    A better title for this page would be: “How I Used My Third-Grade Level Research Skills, Historical and Scientific Knowledge, and an Unhealthy Obsession with Conspiracy Theories to Overanalyze a Pop Culture Symbol.” Go back to the looney bin, all of you.