Lucy: The Celebration of Reptilian Abilities

Lucy: The Celebration of Reptilian Abilities

Scarlett Johansson’s career arc has officially morphed into an action hero. It only makes sense after seeing her play the role of “Black Widow” in the Hollywood blockbusters “Iron Man 2” and “The Avengers.” Prior to these roles she was always the love interest because of her appealing looks. Her acting evolution has landed her where many actors dream of becoming . . . a butt kicking dynamo.

I recently watched the trailer for her new movie titled “Lucy.” My spidey senses went off immediately or should I say my inner spirit to be spiritually correct? It was impressed upon me these Hollywood producers make some of these movies to celebrate “those” who they worship. The seed of the serpent has blended in with the masses and you would not know if one stood in line next to you at Starbucks.

These movies are now showing us what the Bible described thousands of years ago in great detail. These beings are from another vibration. According to ancient writings like the “Emerald Tablets of Thoth”, serpent headed men from another vibration have been here since the beginning. Also, the Book of Genesis has a “talking” serpent and this serpent has a “seed” which means replication.

I believe this “Lucy” movie is a blend of physical and spiritual abilities these serpent beings possess. We must remember the ancient world has tales of  serpent civilizations under the earth. Also, when Jesus was crucified he spent three days in a subterranean (according to the Greek Lexicon) region called Tartarus. These serpent spiritual beings can merge with men and I believe when they do . . . they do not leave until death.

I have a friend (who will remain anonymous) who believes she is married to one of them. She has seen him morph and he has the strength of 5 men. She describes him as quiet fellow who is brilliant and exudes a great magnetism over people. To the point where he is like Thulsa Doom from the “Conan” movie, who caused a person to leap to their death . . . simply by looking at them. She has seen other “people” besides him where their skin has morphed into a greenish hue. They are here folks!

In watching the “Lucy” trailer  I realized the many characteristics of the spirit and physical realms. Lately, I am seeing the deeper meaning of things almost instantaneously. Scarlett Johansson, plays Lucy who is a kidnap victim turned drug mule. She wakes up in a swanky hotel room in Japan and she realizes a surgical procedure was performed on her stomach. She is informed she must “deliver” the package to the owner. During her detainment she is physically abused and kicked in the stomach and the “package” leaks into her bloodstream.

This is where the reptilian celebration begins and you will see the correlation to the reptilian beings. The first thing that happens during the transformation is her eyes change. They went through the following changes:

  • black sun (eclipse and remember Saturn was once known as the black sun)
  • reptilian type I
  • reptilian type II
  • demonic yellow
  • cat’s eye nebula

All in a matter of seconds. At this point she is transformed and her DNA has been altered. Funny how she was not suffering with the symptoms we see from the ubiquitous pharmaceutical drug commercials, such as: dry mouth, bleeding gums, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts, or bloody stools.  This is the Hollywood glamorization of drug induced DNA transformation but I do not believe the seed of the serpent have these issues.

Lucy now has super human cognitive abilities and strength. Kind of a blend between Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix” and Bradley Cooper in “Limitless.” The first thing she does is lure one of the captors near her using her feminine “charm.” Next thing you know she violently tosses him like a loaf a bread on the floor and escapes. We must remember even Jesus gave the seed of the serpent “props” or “big ups” or however you want to break it down.

Matthew 10:6

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

Jesus said be wise as serpents. All we see now in modern times are snakes. Do you believe He meant be smart like snakes? I cut one in half with my lawn mower two seasons ago. Certainly, was not a wise snake to me. Why exactly is Jesus telling us to be wise as serpents? Did He know of serpent beings who are incredibly wise? After Lucy’s DNA change she certainly is wiser and her eyes were that of serpents.

After her serpent transformation she kills without hesitation or remorse. Just like the ancient “serpent gods” did when they blood sacrificed humans. The serpent seed kills for ritual, food, sex, survival, and because it is Tuesday. Lucy kills a man for not speaking English! The movie makes a point of telling the humans how limited we are because we are just human . . . and we only use 10% of our brains. This is to keep us trapped in the physical mindset. What if we used 100% of our spirit would we need 5% of our brains? How is that for rock, paper, scissors?

This is how Hollywood programs us to stay limited to the limitations “they” set for us. I do not accept this because Christ did not. He did not tell us we need a PhD to attain His Kingdom. He said follow my teachings and my ways. Remember even Peter momentarily walked on water! Anyway, but I digress.  Now they needed an actor who played God to tell us what we are capable of and alas Morgan Freeman appears. This is the Hollywood mix of truth and lies to set the bar for our subconscious belief systems because ladies and gentlemen actors are preaching into your brains!

Lucy begins to use 28% of her brain and this means the subconscious is no longer the “sub” but the total consciousness. Is this why the seed of the serpent refused to bow down to man? Did they see us as dummies because the Most High put a “governor” on our brains? Did the Most High do this so we would gravitate toward spirit or did something happen in the ancient past to dummy us down?

Lucy was in synch with the sympathetic harmonics of all living things. Meaning she could feel everything and everyone at a vibratory level. I often wonder if it is better to read someone’s mind or know how they feel. I would rather know how someone feels. This gives the seed of the serpent a tremendous advantage over us. This also means Lucy was merging both worlds under her observation. The more the trailer progresses the more you will see of the reptilian capabilities.

Lucy develops (or it appears as in the trailer) the ability to shapeshift. She can change her form at will and we have heard this before about Satan and the serpent headed men from the “Emerald Tablets of Thoth.” The more brain you use the more control over matter they want you to believe but this is only possible from spiritual beings. Morgan actually makes a very profound statement, “All this knowledge. You can unlock secrets that go beyond our living earth. I am not even sure mankind is ready for it.”

Does this sound like a familiar concept? Sounds like the Garden of Eden where the “Tree of Life” was off limits until the serpent deceived the human race. I am sure the serpent seed “ate” knowledge from this tree. Morgan had to reference this theological motif for the spiritual undercurrent at play in this reptilian celebration. There is greater knowledge of this whole universe in the third heaven.

This third heaven is higher than we can possibly fathom. I mean, the opening to Orion is billions of miles wide! If these spiritual beings live in the third heaven then matter must be spinning faster meaning they do everything faster than we can contemplate. Imagine being in a race with one of them and before you even take one step they have run around the earth one million times! This is what I sense about them with my limited understanding.

Isaiah 55:9

For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

Lucy can also stand outside time and manipulate time. This I think is not a capability of the seed of the serpent or they would have gone back in time and killed Mary or planted drugs on her donkey. Either way there must be some controls in the realm of spirit to prevent time tampering. Most likely there are angels who stand guard at time streams and nobody wants a beef with 3,000 mile tall angel . . . just saying.

All in all it looks like a very entertaining movie. It is also refreshing to see a female take the reigns of an action movie. This will be a Hollywood blockbuster and there will be sequels. The climax of this movie will be watching Lucy progressively mature from 28% brain capacity to 100%. Will she get butt naked and run through a meadow bursting into a ball of electricity like the movie “Powder?” Here is my (spoiler alert) prediction on this . . . she will simply disappear to another dimension. Of course she will reappear for “Lucy 2” to find her purse or something.

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