7D Laser Holograms are EVOLVING

7D Laser Holograms are EVOLVING

You know how rich the business men are in Dubai? Well watch this video because it is utterly amazing technology being displayed . . . at a mall. It also shows you the capability of this technology if you are richer than Tony Stark. Many people in the blogosphere were awaiting a certain “Project  Blue Beam” event that did not happen. They need only to travel to this mall in Dubai and they can experience Blue Beam 2.0.

The question is how portable is this technology? If this is also a space based technology there are other variables to consider such as weather and terrain. The mall is a stable canvas to project the interlacing images on and the sound is from mounted speakers. There are many other factors to consider projecting from space. The real downfall to holographic technology is the images are not solid. Meaning you can pass through them.

Many conspiracist expect a fake alien invasion using holographic technology including the return of the Messiah. The problem is they will not be solid images but we must remember Christ was solid upon his return. This was evident when Thomas put his fingers into the wounds of Yeshua. So at the end of the day, how effective is holographic technology when all it really creates is a glorified spectre?

In closing, this technology is amazing to experience. It shows us the capabilities of commercial technology in the realm of holograms. We have seen a working demonstration in closed rooms. I have seen similar technology in Japan outdoors in the water but it is not as impressive. We should keep this technology on our watchlist. I will recommend against anyone watching these shows on magic mushrooms . . . it will not end well.

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Michael Erevna

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