Space Orbs Over New York

Space Orbs Over New York

On May 13, 2014, I decided to to take the night vision monocular out for some air. After seeing the amber colored Mars posted up to the east of the moon I felt it was time to search the night sky. Plus it was 64 degrees and I could film while in my fleece pajamas. Hey, it was dark no one was out or so I hoped!

It turned out to be the most successful filming in a 30 minute window ever for me. I was armed with AR-Satellite which is an Android application for detecting satellites. It would tell me if a satellite was flying overhead. None of the objects I was tracking in the night sky was an application verified satellite but I do not rule out military satellites. 

I had never seen so much activity over one location before. Last summer I spent over 30 hours scanning the night skies and nothing ever like this. It was like a freeway in space or maybe the heavens were having a sale. I was actually more spooked by the sounds in the woods after meeting a coyote the size of a pit bull beginning of spring. I am sure some people will claim these are all satellites.

I am not sure to be honest but it must be mighty cluttered out there if they are. In my opinion, they look awfully similar to the orbs which pass by the International Space Station. I do not like using the word “alien” because I believe it could be us. By that I mean human engineered technology masquerading as aliens.  Or they could be of a spiritual nature slowing down their frequency to appear in the physical. Who really knows?

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