Space Orbs Over New York

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On May 13, 2014, I decided to to take the night vision monocular out for some air. After seeing the amber colored Mars posted up to the east of the moon I felt it was time to search the night sky. Plus it was 64 degrees and I could film while in my fleece pajamas. Hey, it was dark no one was out or so I hoped!

It turned out to be the most successful filming in a 30 minute window ever for me. I was armed with AR-Satellite which is an Android application for detecting satellites. It would tell me if a satellite was flying overhead. None of the objects I was tracking in the night sky was an application verified satellite but I do not rule out military satellites. 

I had never seen so much activity over one location before. Last summer I spent over 30 hours scanning the night skies and nothing ever like this. It was like a freeway in space or maybe the heavens were having a sale. I was actually more spooked by the sounds in the woods after meeting a coyote the size of a pit bull beginning of spring. I am sure some people will claim these are all satellites.

I am not sure to be honest but it must be mighty cluttered out there if they are. In my opinion, they look awfully similar to the orbs which pass by the International Space Station. I do not like using the word “alien” because I believe it could be us. By that I mean human engineered technology masquerading as aliens.  Or they could be of a spiritual nature slowing down their frequency to appear in the physical. Who really knows?

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  • Anonymous

    I live near the NC line in Virginia and I see these all the time. They are so high up I have to use my binoculars to see them. One night I had some sort of craft fly over my house around 10 pm that shook the house. I went out side and could make out that it was triangular with three white lights on each corner. Nothing flashing or anything. It seemed to be moving so slowly you would think it would fall from the sky. It wasn’t much higher than tree top level. The strange thing was just a little while after that I had gone back in to get my binoculars in case it came back and I thought I saw a dark silhouette high in the night sky. I found it in my binocular view and was following it when it suddenly looked like it turned on a bright light momentarily and then when dark again. Who knows. I do know I can go outside and see those craft, whatever they are, you have in your video on almost any given night. They seem to most of the time be traveling from south to north. I’ve been curious myself as to what they were. I always thought satellites had a synchronous orbit so I didn’t know if that is what they were or not.

    • Man you must have really nice binoculars! That sky must be crystal clear where you live. I was actually born in Virginia and I used to live there.

      What do you think they are? What is your theory? They are so high up I am losing them on the tripod. I just got the north to south recently. Normally they are east to west or west to east.

      I could not believe how busy they were that night. I agree with you as well on the point of them being synchronous.

      • Anonymous

        I do have a very powerful pair of binoculars. I bought them just for the purpose of looking at the night sky. I can see three of the moons around Jupiter with them. I need a tripod though because of their power it is a bit shaky just to even look at the moon. I have been wondering ever since I first saw them what they were. The sky is very clear on a cloudless night. I can barely make them out with the naked eye just enough to find them with the binoculars. They are always just a solid bright looking object with nothing blinking, moving at a very high rate of speed. I really don’t know what they are. Like I said, most of the time they are going South to North but I have seen them going the other direction and sometimes North-East to South West. They could be military I don’t know. On a different note, have you read on the internet about Russian troops here for martial law, etc.? My heart didn’t want to believe it BUT about 2 1/2 months ago I saw a Russian MIL-8 troop transport flying parallel with the highway near my house in the middle of the day on a Saturday. They are here! I believe this county is Mystery Babylon. But I digress. I really wish I knew what those objects were. Honestly, this will sound crazy to most but I often wonder if they are either fallen angels or modern day nephilim (secular man would call them aliens) flying in their soon to be “disclosed” craft as our saviors of the world that come and save us from the brink of destroying ourselves in the soon to be WWIII. What a perfect way to introduce the “man” of the hour and bring all of mankind together in the greatest deception ever. I can’t think of anything else that would make a weak Christian, or Buddhist, or Muslim, you name it, abandon everything they have ever believed in spiritually and follow a one world system. That we were put here by an “advanced race” that were the gods of old who have come back to save us from ourselves is the only thing that makes sense to me. Christ said that he (AC) was, and is, and is yet to come. That he was one of the seven and is also the eighth. I can’t help but wonder if Nimrod was a nephilim and he will be “reborn” through cloning. From what I’ve read most ancient Gods were just variations of him. Who knows. Just my theory. Sounds crazy I know. I’m just glad God has all things in control and the end has already been determined. Christ has already won!

        • Anonymous

          I meant to say that he was, and IS NOT, and is to come.

          • Yes you are right. I am following you 100%. CLONING! I think that happened in South Africa…

          • Anonymous

            Nice to meet you too. I first started noticing them when we got a new dog that likes to go out to the bathroom in the middle of the night so I go out with her and check out the stars. I see them almost every time and yes I have seen them minutes apart, seconds apart and of course individually. I’ve never seen them in a formation of any kind, always individually, but close behind each other sometimes (from a ground point of view). They are very high up. I would say at the edge of space if not in space. If they were not moving I wouldn’t be able to pick them out with the naked eye as they don’t look any brighter than a distant star until I get the binoculars. The one that really has me puzzled was the one that was moving with no light at all. It looked like a slightly lighter shade of black than the night sky background which helped me to notice it. I wasn’t even sure I was seeing something until I grabbed my binoculars and located it again. That is when it turned on a bright white light, then off, and then on, and then off again. This happened within just a few seconds. It almost seemed like it was signaling someone. I guess some would argue that they are just spy planes or something as I know they fly at the edge of space. The triangular craft that same night did come back over my house but this time with no lights on and I couldn’t see it. It sounded like it was passing just above me but I couldn’t see it as I could the first time. Who knows what technology man has been given by the fallen ones. I’ve got a feeling we will soon find out though many will be deceived. On another note. Didn’t you write something about Steve Quayle and him having some other agenda? (I’ve been following your site for a while) I will say that when I saw that helicopter I sent Steve an email which he posted. I couldn’t help but notice that the title he gave my post was that it was a Russian Hind gunship which it was not. I had said the MIL-8 could be retrofitted with weaponry (this one was not). I know what a Hind is and I would much rather face a MIL-8 troop ship than a Hind any day if I were in battle. I wondered why he made the helicopter out to be the more lethal Hind. I did have the fleeting thought of fear mongering but didn’t want to believe he would do that. The funny thing was that I also sent a link to a picture of a MIL-8 which looks NOTHING like a Hind. He even posted the link when he posted my email. I didn’t make sense to me.

        • We agree on a lot my friend. It is good to meet you. I have written many post describing what you have said here.

          I am not sure about the Russians though. The military has joint operation drills with other countries regularly.

          I am not worried about anything because my Faith is strong! You should read the post, “Chicken Soup for the Tribulation.”

          I too noticed the no blinking high speed ships and I wonder what they truly are. I was just amazed at the volume I capture in 30 minutes.

          Have you seen a lot of them in one night? That was new for me!

  • patrick varencaus

    Weird signs in the sky alright

  • Pat

    I live Upstate from Westchester. I have also witnessed these “orbs”.
    They are bright, round and move about unlike a star or regular plane. On one particular night, I watched as three successively moved in a similar trajectory to a particular area across the river, proceeded behind some trees and disappeared. Three separate “orbs” doing the same thing.
    Days later, I took a hike to this general area (not very scientific or encompassing) but found nothing. However, as a note of possible interest, there is a large RF tower in the general area.

    • Then we are looking at the same cut of space. Satellites are not this bright but sometimes I am told they can be. You saw three moving together? Wow! The RF towers are another story!