Hagmann and Quayle Caught in a LIE?

Hagmann and Quayle Caught in a LIE?

Most of you who visit this site realize I have stopped posting for a while now. Some people even emailed me out of concern and I will share with you what I told them. My beloved wife is fighting cancer again and the doctors suspect the cancer has moved into her liver. Quite frankly, I have not been able to write because I have been caring for our three beautiful sons by myself for the last month.

The thing is I just received an email about one of the most disappointing experiences since I started Revelation Now. Many of the readers and followers of Revelation Now know about my shocking and telling experience after my appearances on Hagmann and Hagmann Radio and my dealings with Steve Quayle. I shared with you how Doug Hagmann unethically ripped off my Super Bowl analysis where I connected ancient star-gate systems used in conjunction with the halftime show mega-ritual; and colluded with Nathan Leal to attempt to carry on my research. So much for Biblical law driving their actions.

I am always uncomfortable with people who set themselves up as prophets and teach while lining their pockets with silver and gold. Furthermore, when people use fear as the motivating factor to make sales in the name of Jesus and His prophecy . . . run! This is exactly what I did and in doing so I truthfully shared my experience about these unethical men. By doing this I was attacked on all fronts (most likely by their misguided fans including shills) and rumors were spread by them I have mental problems. Their only defense was to attempt to dismiss me as “crazy” because they literally have nothing else and they knew I was telling the truth.

Now let’s jump into the meat of this post because where there is smoke there is fire. I was and am 100% truthful about my experience with these spiritual con men. It is apparent from the testimony of Marinka Peschmann that Doug Hagmann plants false stories and innuendos to drive gullible people to his show. These false accusations against the U.S. Government is nothing more than a shameless bid for attention. Their goal is to brainwash people into thinking their lives are endangered because they are truthers; however, it appears according to Marinka they are liars!

Not only that they work in collusion in order to keep the “free-money” flowing through the coiffures. The email Quayle sent to Marinka is similar to the tactic he attempted with me. As soon as he realizes the truth is getting out he emails you a letter claiming YOU are spreading seeds of discord. Instead of addressing the issues he becomes an accuser in order to muddy the water. Marinka has evidence these men are lying and it begs the question what else do they lie about in the name of Jesus!

Fortunately, for me I do not have to write about this because this is a case of another person coming forward as I did. Not only is she being forthcoming she is providing evidence and has provided us video evidence catching Hagmann in his own lie. You will also see how Quayle rushes to the defense of the liar. I believe Hagmann and Quayle peddle these lies because they believe their audience is stupid. Any of these men or their affiliates who claim the Government is after them are nothing more than liars.

Here’s my estimation of SQ… so, I’m looking at Quayle’s website several months ago – my eye is caught by an ad for a CD by woman musician “Stephanie Quayle” – I’m curious, & look further into this woman artist… what do I find… illuminati symbolism up the wazoo! This turns out to be Steve’s daughter. Anyway, makes perfect sense to me now… Quayle is in the same league as Alex Jones, Stan & Holly Deyo, Hagmann, Rick Wiles (?)… they sell fear (along with all the needed “survival” gear, guns & groceries)… These are those “sheep in wolf’s clothing” the Word of God warns. Be on alert for “Christian” folk who are overly over the top informed about all the plans of doom & gloom coming our way… think about it!!!

– Anonymous

This is how they validate themselves with their audience. They want people to believe they are such threat to the establishment when they are doing nothing more than profiting off the lies and fear-based sensationalism. I question the validity of their sources because the military is smart enough to trap a leak. Do you really think high ranking military officials would risk their military careers to share classified information with Internet radio? That is absurd and their secret sources are probably real as paisley unicorns.

In closing, you have learned of new testimony implicating the character of these men. Lying to people is sinful, manipulative, deceptive, and proves this is nothing more than a business in the name of Jesus. I believe these men will have to face the music one day in front of the Most High. If they truly believed the Most High is real they would never behave in this manner.  I realize my post exposing these men most of really hit home with them because of the hostile responses from their fan club.

The bottom line is what has listening to sensational fear based news done for your spiritual development? How does this make you closer to the Most High? How does staying in a state of fear reconcile with the teachings of Christ? Finally, why do these men need to create false new stories to draw people to them? Why trust men who lie while promoting Christ? I truly hope people wake up to the fact they are wasting their spiritual development focusing on “what-if” scenarios that never come to fruition. These so-called truthers need to make up their minds; either the NSA is recording and monitoring all communications or they are not. I am just happy someone else has the courage to come forward and tell the truth.

A glimpse into the psyche of Steve Quayle. How can you preach about the Bible and then tell a perfect stranger to drop dead?

Hello! I thought that I would share this brief email exchange between myself and USA based Steve Qualye. He’s an ARDENT Alex Jones supporter and panic monger, radio host, and internet personality. He professes to be a Christian and displays all that I find repugnant within certain factions of Christianity. He used to have a shortwave radio program which aired 5 nights a week.

Here goes:

—– Original Message —–

To: steve777@stevequayle.com
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 11:54 AM
Subject: No more short wave…

Greetings from Canada Mr. Quayle

Unexpectedly, your departure from short wave has proven to be a relief. While you do report MANY “truths”, your show and “Hawks” Thursday slot were SO full of negative speculation designed to keep listeners on edge., and afraid, BE VERY, VERY AFRAID!!! Not too long ago, “Hawk” (rhymes w/ CROCK) was speculating on the imminent delivery of a “PACKAGE” (code for KABOOM) I see that the threat NOW is hackers causing “blackouts”, could be, who knows. WONDERUL opportunity to market some gas powered generators though, SO, LOOK ON THE “BRIGHT” SIDE!!!


bow down to Israel all you want, it won’t get you
much in the “end”.

You were also a Y2K fear monger as well weren’t you?

I wish you all the best.

Sincerely, Michael S.

and now Steve’s thoughtful “christian” response:

— Original Message —–
From: Stephen Quayle
To: MS
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: No more short wave…

I have been right on and when your world crashes down around you and your Bladder and Intestines enter into your shorts–then remember YOU were warned–I will not answer a fool less I become one–I can smell the FEAR in you! Canada —HMMN –it figures– check your stock market lately? Down 500 points in first 5 minutes. DROP DEAD!

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