Ferguson, Dark Forces, and the Silver Gate

Ferguson, Dark Forces, and the Silver Gate

This is a highly sensitive topic I will discuss so there are some things that need to be said first. I would like to begin offering condolences to the family of Michael Brown. He was brutally killed and he was a son, a brother, a nephew, and a friend to some people. I am sorry for your loss.  Young people make dumb choices and it is sad to see these choices lead to death. I would also like to address police officer Darren Wilson who committed social suicide when he pumped 6 rounds into Michael Brown. If he has been 100% truthful then he has substantiated my theory.

You see Officer Darren Wilson made a statement that made the hairs on my neck stand up. He said he shot Michael Brown because he looked like a “demon” when he was attacking him. I believe as a result of the Silver Gate over Missouri that night an actual demon possessed Michael Brown in order to escalate the incident into extreme violence. It is highly probable that Officer Wilson was also possessed and agitated to an extreme state of fear. People are only protected from demon possession if they have been sealed by the Most High.

I will admit I have no knowledge of either man’s spiritual state but I am going to assume both were not yet earnestly pursuing the teachings of  Christ. Ephesians 6:12 tells us we are under attack from dark forces in heavenly places. That Scripture alone is room for pause because it should cause people to realize we are not alone and we have enemies which are not  of flesh and blood. Part of the satanic plan is to cause division among the people of the earth. These dark forces plan is to fan the flames of racial division.

When a black person calls a white person a racial slur it makes demons smile when a white person calls a black person a racial slur it causes demons to grin.  If Officer Darren Wilson truly witnessed Michael Brown’s facial features morph into that of a demon, he in fact needed to defend himself. According the Bible a demon possessed man threw four men around like rag dolls. I will agree on that outset 6 bullets seems like an over reaction but we were not in his shoes that day.

I am not trying to defend Officer Wilson at all but shed some light on the plausibility of demon possession on this sad day. There is a pattern with these racially charged media saturated killings where the Silver Gate is the cosmic witness. For those of you who do not know the Silver Gate according to ancient testimony is where they witnessed celestial beings exiting the Heavens. The exact constellations are Gemini and Taurus. This is the exact same constellation over Sanford, Florida when Trayvon Martin was killed!

The dark forces orchestrate these events to inflame racial hatred already ingrained in the hearts of the people. There are plenty of racist people and even racist Christians who believe they receive dreams and special messages from the Most High but I digress. The dark forces are very crafty and they choose social economic areas that are low on the totem pole. This ensures like minded people without spiritual guidance will react violently and spread the undercurrent of hatred throughout the Nation.

During demon possession according to the Bible people’s choices were controlled by the demons. In some cases demon possession appeared as the gift of clairvoyance and precognitive abilities. While in other cases it caused feats of great strength and generated tremendous fear among the witnesses. My point is to illustrate people can be led to make choices that further inflame an already volatile situation. The general public’s opinion is shaped by media sound bites and partial truths and the omittance of truth.

It is this way people who suffer from the disease of racism are manipulated by these dark forces. It is easy to judge these families who have grown up with a lack of education and spiritual guidance. It is easy to presume all police officers are brutal killers; however, this is a stereo typical perception which is rooted in blind assumption. What we do know is the Bible informs us our adversaries are based in the heavenly realms. It is there we must judge the fruit of their interaction with mankind.

It is no coincidence the Silver Gate has been over two high profile killings where a white police office kills a young black man or a vigilante kills a black teenager. What if it was a black police officer who kills a black teenager or young adult? The racial inflammation could never be birthed if that was the scenario. It also begs the question how come more cases of black police officers killing blacks are not publicized? This very fact feeds into my theory the dark forces target white police officers in order to facilitate the killing of the black youth in order to fan the flames of racism.

Ephesians 6:12

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

The dark forces know the black culture is still scared by killings of their people from the days of slavery, Jim Crow laws and the journey to civil rights. This means the dark forces can easily play on the emotions of the black culture. I recently had an elderly woman from Florida email me to discuss the reptilian phenomenon. Our brief email relationship quickly soured because I would not admit Serena Williams is a man. This woman was one of the most racist Christians I ever encountered but she did leave me with a profound insight into the psyche of black America.

I told her she sounded like she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and she retorted, “Black people are suffering from post traumatic ‘slave’ disorder.” She was trying to be disagreeable and snarky but I believe there is truth to her statement. Why is it the black culture in America is the only culture in America who has not been financially repaired by injustices inflicted on them by the early American government? The American Indians were given land and casinos. The Japanese were financially repaired after injustices inflicted upon them during World War II. The Ashkenazi Jews were given prime real estate in Israel!

What kind of psychological ramifications are these upon the minds of the black culture? The dark forces easily prey upon this psychological condition. Perhaps, this is the very reason the black culture has not and will never be repaired in America? I liken the mental manipulation by these dark forces to a Hannibal Lector mind rape to the intended victims. Why would Officer Darren Wilson throw his life away to murder a young black man? Now he is a marked man the rest of his life. In essence he killed his own life that day as well.

I believe these dark forces will continue to kill black males until the return of Christ. I am not saying other people will not be killed but there is a machine at work here. You have the actors such as the shooter and the victim and then the media saturation that drills home alleged racial injustice. During this highly inflamed emotional state people will experience insensitivity and a lack of understanding from all parties involved. This increases the fear and hatred.

In closing these events are being orchestrated by the dark forces and people need to think spiritually in order to not be trapped by the racism. Demons want you to hate and especially each other. What they do not want is love and harmony among the races. We must remember all things happen in spirit first! We must ask ourselves the question which spirit is behind these actions? Perhaps, both Brown and Wilson were chosen that day to carry on the demonic plan of division. I visit a very popular Internet forum and from some of the comments I can tell you the mental disease of racism is alive and well.

If you are a racist that means you are separated from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will not fill an unclean vessel. There is no room for racism in heaven and if you are a racist get help! I will not be manipulated into hating white or black people because I judge people based on the spirit acting in their life. At the end of the day I will pray for them all but know this . . . I am not fooled by these dark forces. I love all people and I will continue to pray for my Government, the people, and most of all for the return of Christ.

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