Come Out Of Her My People (New Single)

Come Out Of Her My People (New Single)

Okay, before I get flambayed by people about this let me preface this post with an explanation. I have been interested in music since I was 3 years old sitting at my mother’s feet amazed as she played the piano. Later I played alto saxophone from the time I was 11 until I was 23 and I also taught myself piano. Later I even learned how to engineer using Pro Tools! I played professionally for a time and later worked at a record label. I soon became disillusioned with the industry but I continue to play as a hobby and for my children.

I do not expect my music to really go commercial because I am not interested and I expect this single I penned to go “double-nickel.” I play music now as a therapy and to honor the Most High. I have received so much positive feedback on this song I decided to share it through the site; this is something I have not done before. The single is called “Come Out of Her My People” and I think it is a great message to share. I hope you enjoy it and share it. Peace be with you all.

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Michael Erevna

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