Spirit World WINNER of Super Bowl 49

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The greatest American sports championship (and most watched) is upon our doorstep once again. This is the fourth installment and analysis of the Super Bowl halftime show I will be posting. First, after receiving many comments some kind, not so kind, and some plain delusional I must address the nature of the Super Bowl. I am not saying nor have I ever said the Super Bowl is “evil” or “they” are all in it together. It is the synchronization of the halftime show using ancient pictographs in conjunction with the Silver Gate which is the smoking gun.

It is the halftime show and the selected artist who orchestrate the occult ritual who are the real actors. They are ones performing while ancient pictographs adorn the stage being passed off as “art.”  Only if you research ancient: Sumerian, Babylonian, Chaldean, Phoenician, and Egyptian: hieroglyphics, cuneiform, glyphs, runes, or ancient pictographs (and how they are used in conjuring) will you have a point of reference. If you have not researched this ancient magical past and their occult footprint then you are leaning on your own understanding, then you know nothing.

You must understand these ancient rituals are used to communicate with spirits, open gateways, possess, manipulate events before they happen, or even kill a target. Once you have educated yourself on the ancient past and the conjuring rituals therein you must ask yourself why are these conjuring symbols used in the Super Bowl halftime show? Most people are oblivious to this fact and have told me the artist are just being creative. This notion could not be any further from the truth.

Let’s take a look at the definition of the word creative:

Creative: relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

As you can see none of these ancient symbols come from the imagination of the artist nor are they original. These ancient symbols have a purpose which is to communicate with spirits and energize spells. Why would any artist gravitate toward ancient symbols used to bond with spirits? What you are seeing is an ancient ritual disguised as entertainment while the crowd supplies the energy. Again, let me clarify by saying the halftime show is where the occult ritual is performed on the crowd in order to harness their energy.

With that being said, let’s jump into the two teams selected for Super Bowl 49. We have the Seattle Seahawks returning as Super Bowl 48 defending champions and the New England Patriots. If you did not see the magical comeback of the Seahawks against the Packers you missed a thriller. Their improbable comeback seemed to be guided by an outside force…because it was! The dark spirits are actually part of the game!

Many pundits have their own Super Bowl system to assign points and favor a particular team. What they do not consider is the agenda of the dark forces as defined in Ephesians 6:12. If we follow the ritual from Super Bowl 46 where Madonna resonated Isis with her wardrobe you can now understand the birthing of ISIS. This whole ritual is done in plain view.

In my opinion, Super Bowl 48 also resonated a connection to ISIS and we have seen the bloody aftermath. If we attempt to understand the minds of these dark forces they are quite transparent. We must first understand these dark forces hate mankind and revel in the destruction of the hue-man race. I believe there is quite a bit of envy from these dark forces because humans can have a physical and spiritual experience while on the earth. The dark forces must hijack a human body in order to experience the tactile responses of a human body.

So now that the dark forces have conjured up ISIS in the Middle East they need to conjure the opponent. This means the Patriot’s symbol will be mixed in the Super Ba’al cauldron. The question is: Who will win Super Bowl 49 from an occult perspective? I have to say this is a tough one. It appears at least 2 of the last Super Bowl Halftime Shows were designed to evoke ISIS in the Middle East. I believe this time around it will be the New England Patriots who will prevail.

Here is why. Historically, by studying the behaviors of the elite you will learn they manipulate and finance both sides of a war. It is this way they win no matter who wins. ISIS is an occult creation and they appear to be thriving where reportedly they are well supplied and well funded. It is said they gross over $2 billion dollars a month from hijacked resources. Is there a need to continue to empower ISIS when they are already empowered?

It is the American people who need to be swayed and infused with the “spirit” of war again for the right reasons . . . patriotism. Yes, folks this time: red, white, and blue will dropped in the cauldron. It appears the Seattle Seahawks were chosen to resonate the color alchemy of Islam. Last years Super Bowl had a military theme conjoined with Islam and we later saw the global emergence of ISIS. Now patriotism will target radical Islam for extermination, if I am correct.

This spell will infuse patriotism into the consciousness of the American people and send “patriot” soldiers back to the Middle East in droves. We can expect 20,000 plus troops to be deployed against a well trained and funded ISIS opponent. This way the dark forces can play both sides against each other while feeding off the fear and blood of the war. The halftime show, as always, is aligned under the anciently revered “Silver Gate” where the ancients said celestial beings would exit heaven. I believe this was planned long ago because the NFL stadiums were built on ley lines and the Silver Gate alignment happens during the halftime show.

This years halftime performer is Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz. I believe Lenny was selected because of specific lyrics which must be recited under the Silver Gate.  We can look for Kravitz to lead the crowd in “sing-alongs” to increase the sonic energy of the lyrics under the laws of acoustic alchemy. Why else choose Lenny Kravitz? He is not even relevant on the music scene anymore and has focused more so on his acting career. “They” need his words!

Katy Perry attended the Salem Witch Walk. Salem Witches Lorelei and Christian Day present Salem’s only magical tour! Join practicing Salem Witches in a magic circle, visit enchanting sites, and learn the truth about real Witchcraft as you stroll America’s most bewitching seaport!
– Source

Katy made an interesting comment in the video below where she says the Super Bowl halftime show is a “birthing process.” I made a similar statement in my Super Bowl 48 analysis where I said, “I believe Virgo is a birthing constellation…” which is where Mars was housed in last years Super Bowl planetary alignment. It was here I hypothesized attacks on Christians would increase in 2014 and I called it the “Year of the Blood.”

Again, we can expect certain ancient pictographs to be featured in the backdrop of the stage. These ancient pictographs must be present in the mega ritual in order to open gateways from the realm of spirit. We will be able to reverse engineer the meaning and purpose of the ancient symbols after they are displayed. We have seen these ancient symbols in the last three halftime shows and the most widely known is the triangle. What is not known is the direction of the top of the pyramid decides what element from spirit will be evoked.

An advertisement for the Salem Witch event Katy Perry attended.

For example, when the triangle is down pointed it calls upon water and if it is up it calls upon fire. Each symbol has a specific purpose (and an entity) and these symbols activate the spiritual players and there specific actions. Again, this is a traceable fact from occult books including Jewish mysticism. Katy Perry will have ancient symbols everywhere and only the adepts will be able to decipher the intention on the ritual. They are all following the teachings of their master which Beyonce perfectly illustrated in Super Bowl 47.

Beyonce is now infamous for sporting the Baphomet sigil embroidered on her black leather leotard in Super Bowl 47. Most people are oblivious to the true intentions of the actors in the spell, but, if you trace the origin of these symbols or sigils they all lead back to the Satanic. This should be evidence enough for people to realize we are in fact in a spiritual war. Ask yourself: Why are ancient rituals being replayed in front of tens of thousands of people and millions of people on television? Do you not see this improves the reach and energy net of the mega ritual?

Katy Perry is the current “it” girl for the music industry. I do not like saying, “Illuminati” because this appears to be the new blanket tag for the elite and the focus becomes physical. I think what people are missing is: this is a spiritual war and the true enemies are of a spiritual nature. The Book of Enoch clearly testifies celestial beings left their first estate descended to the earth long before the name “Illuminati” was coined. It happened so long ago it has been lost in the collective consciousness of mankind except for those initiated into elite secret societies. They are ones who financed the collection of this vast ancient knowledge while the masses pine away at whatever stimulus is ignited in their psyche.

The goddess Ishtar accompanied by owls and ferocious cats.

I believe Katy Perry is going to channel Ishtar herself and maybe more than one spirit?  What better way for narcissistic and worship hungry gods of yore to bask in the glory of the Super Bowl halftime show. If you look at sculptures of Ishtar you will see her accompanied by owls and large cats. Katy has already included these into prior performances and videos.

The subplot is the continuation of the promotion for: goddess worship, free sex, and same sex activities; just like ancient time polytheistic cultures. It appears to me we are returning to an ancient time era of goddess worship. Is Satan a woman? I have seen pictures where Satan is illustrated as a hermaphrodite with breast and an erect penis.

I do know according to the Old Testament  there was a goddess known as, “The Queen of Heaven.” Many believe the Catholic Church ported Mary over to this role; especially because the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe, located in Orlando, Florida. I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact the Sumerians had a goddess they worshipped called, “The Queen of Heaven” also known as Ishtar or Inanna.

Jeremiah 7:18

The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes to offer to the Queen of Heaven. They pour out drink offerings to other gods to arouse my anger.

I believe this is the same goddess Katy Perry is now merged with as a result of seeing her with the owls and cat themes. It is not widely publicised but Katy Perry has attended wiccan festivals in Salem. She has turned her back on Christ and even her own parents have admitted this. Have you noticed how Lady Gaga’s star power has diminished while Katy’s career is on steroids? This is not by accident but it is orchestrated from the realm of spirit.

INANNA Pronounced “ee-NAH-nah”, her name means “Queen of Heaven”. Inanna was the Sumerian Mother Earth Goddess who was likely the “ancestor” of the Mother Goddess of Paleolithic and Neolithic deities.

Some speculate that she likely descended from the Creator Goddess Nammu, the Mesopotamian goddess of the watery depths.  Inanna’s sanctuary was at the Eanna temple which was in the city of Unug (Uruk).

Her shrines date as far back as 4500 BCE and Inanna’s stories were recorded on Sumerian cuneiform (wedge-shaped) tablets that date back as much as 3200 BCE.

These tablets are from the most ancient civilized literature that we know of and are from the region that we currently call Iraq and the Middle East.

What we know of this culture comes from archeologists and scholars and there is still much to learn as more Sumerian artifacts are being discovered.

We still have 50% of the same colors from Super Bowl 48 with the Seahawks covering Jupiter and Islam. How is that for the gnostic axiom, “As it is above, so it is below?” There seems to be increased promotion in Jupiter these days. The latest winter storm labelled a “Nor’ Easter” was called Juno. There is also a new movie coming out called, “Jupiter Ascending.” They seem to be greasing the proverbial skids for a gateway to Jupiter.

Now Katy Perry’s real name is Katy Hudson. She changed her name to Katy Perry. Perry is a surname of English origin, deriving from either the Old English pyrige (pear tree), referring to one who dwells by a pear tree; the Norman French perrieur (quarry), possibly referring to a quarryman. Understanding the realm of spirit is fueled by symbols and metaphors I contemplated if there was a connection to pears and a goddess. By doing this I discovered more spiritual bread crumbs, if you will.

In Greek and Roman mythology, pears are sacred to three goddesses: Hera (Juno to the Romans), Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans), and Pomona, an Italian goddess of gardens and harvests. I immediately saw the Juno connection. You also see Juno again and the relationship to Jupiter. Juno is the queen of all Roman gods and goddesses. Part of the reason Katy Perry was chosen was for her name.

Now we can look at the planetary energies which will be harnessed and infused into the spell. This will allow the spell to take root and materialize in the physical realm. Remember each planet must be evoked from the earthly realm. Almost like calling their number. This way the energy exchange can take place and ancient practices can be used to capture and direct these planetary influences. I will review the planet influence after the performance in my next post.

Many other researchers are hot on the trail of this Super Bowl’s low-hanging-fruit occult clues. Such as the Super Bowl 49 site’s longitude/latitude 33° 31′ 39″ N / 112° 0′ 46″ W . has a “33” in it. Major global events have happened on the 33rd degree parallel like the: Mount Hermon (where the “fallen” angels descended) and Roswell. So it is plausible this mega ritual might have a greater conspicuous effect.

The number 33 enigmatically stretches as a latitude line across many diverse cultures in many different times. Known in numerology as the Master Teacher, 33 is the most influential of all numbers, indicating selfless devotion to the spiritual progress of humankind. The question is which spirits? You should know by now it will not be the Holy Spirit!

The stadium is called University of Phoenix and in Greek mythology, a phoenix or phenix (Greek: φοῖνιξ phoinix) is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. This allows the word phoenix to be recited at specific times during the broadcast. I expect myself and other researchers to find many numerological clues as well as other occult mainstays after the show.

In closing, I just do not think the spell will be cast to harm America because She is already under a spell. Satanic forces have already infiltrated: politics, sports, entertainment, eating and drinking, medicine, science and technology, and education; etc. America is doing a great job leading other countries away from the Word. In the end it is the Most High that will take down America in 60 minutes.

The Patriots will be the voodoo doll in the cauldron blessed to win, in my opinion. The elite can now play both sides against each other and the ISIS threat is formidable enough to threaten Israel. Why empower ISIS anymore when they are now strong? President Obama will need the support of the people to further finance another military excursion into the Middle East. America will continue to use witchcraft to manipulate global events and according to Isaiah 47…She will even use it to fight the plans of the Most High.

Bottom line is . . . New England Patriots win.

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • rolltide

    Hi, Micheal. Great assessment. You look much deeper into the ‘spiritual’ part of it than I do. I look at it in more of a physical sense, but I definitely agree that Pats win. But I do feel that there are those who are servants of the dark forces, who are the ‘movers and shakers’ of the world that want to see America fall, and I think there’s economic messages being gives; East versus West. (Think global economy) East will win West will fall.

    Also, I’ve been watching/expecting to hear just who the person would be, who will serve as “blood sacrifice”. It happens every year. I have been storming the courts of heaven, praying for protection for WHOEVER it was supposed to be. I think my prayer may have been answered. Today, Whitney Houston’s only daughter, was found UNRESPONSIVE in a bathtub, just like her Mom!!! When her husband found her, she wasn’t breathing. Upon her arrival at hospital, she was revived. Haven’t heard any updates lately, but help me pray for this young girl. I think she was probably “THE ONE”.


    • rolltide


      Stable but in medically induced coma w/ swelling on the brain in Atlanta hospital. Atlanta is on 33rd parallel, as well as Los Angeles, where her Mom died.

      As children of God, let’s all say prayers for this young girl. I believe God heard and answered my prayer of protection for her, and the evil plot was thwarted, but she still needs to pull through this. Let’s NOT let Satan claim another from this family.



      Newsflash… She’s not dead yet. So I’m sure she is not that so called human sacrifice. Cause doesn’t a sacrifice involve the taking of a life?

      • rolltide

        Hi Hawks.
        YES!! I read last night, it said; “she’s not brain dead”. I’ve been praying for this girl, even before I knew the correct name to call. I was praying for “WHOEVER” the victim would be, a week before it happened, and I’ve been CONTINUALLY praying for her, even until now.

        There’s NO DOUBT in my mind, it has been the people praying for her that has sustained her thus far. I’m believing and still asking for a miracle from God Almighty. I”m believing that she will come back WITH A STORY TO TELL; not ONLY of being physically restored to life, but ALSO A BRAND NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS!! What a testimony that would be!! God can take what was MEANT for evil, and turn it into something WONDERFUL.

        Don’t know if you read Micheal’s post after this one; the Whitney/Bobbi Kristina post. I didn’t comment about what he said on that blog, but I STRONGLY disagreed with his writing of Bobbi, as if she were history, dead and gone. I DID NOT accept that, and I won’t. This girl’s physical and SPIRITUAL well-being is worth MUCH MORE than being right!

        We need to CONTINUE to uphold her and family in prayer, not only for obvious reasons, but also……maybe this is why Katy Perry posted on her Twitter account, after the SB performance; “IT SEEMS APPROPRIATE TO SHED BLOOD TONIGHT”!!! And a pic of her getting a tattoo. Why was it “appropriate”? Maybe because the halftime ritual didn’t have it’s needed blood sacrifice? Would “they” require Perry’s blood for the failure?? Was enough blood shed, simply from her getting tattooed? Did the ritual lose it’s power, because there was NO BLOOD shed? But it would NOT surprise me if Katy unfortunately had her OWN little “accident”, if you know what I mean?

        We all need to keep praying for Bobbi and family. God is able to raise her up, with NO restrictions to her quality of life. I’m praying not only will she be saved, but that members of her family would come to know Jesus, through the testimony she will have when restored. AMEN!

        • Now here is the quote from the story I ran on Bobbi Kristina,

          ” I know Bobbi Kristina is not officially dead yet but I believe she will not recover. I believe she was unconscious too long and the doctors are merely keeping her alive. If I am wrong then let’s see how an unsuccessful blood sacrifice effects the outcome of the mega ritual.”

          How exactly do you strongly disagree with this statement?

          • rolltide

            I just looked to make sure I was right about that. I was right about what you said, but it was in the Katy Perry/ Ishtar post instead of the Whitney. You even said; “she died in the same way her Mom died”, and used the term “assaainated” You spoke of her as in passed tense. And, I will just be honest, I really didn’t appreciate it.

            In the prior 2 posts you made, in my comments I was asking for believers to help me storms the courts of heaven on her behalf, and I continue to do that, and I just didn’t appreciate a fellow believer and the host of the blog where I was asking for prayer for her, to talk the way you did. Just being honest.
            I tried to copy/paste you exact quote, but it won’t let me.

          • Well, it is certainly not right in the post I addressed her in the tub and this is what I was referring to.

            The Katy Perry/Ishtar post is another matter. I am not going to debate about what “alive” really is. There are far to many “what-ifs” associated with this.

            My position is to write about what observed and the patterns throughout the last 4 mega rituals. It is not my intention to offend.

            I believe it is certainly not possible to please every “Believer” who reads my work. After reading the work of Dr.Iban Alexander, she might be on the other side already.

            Are you suggesting I hindered any prayers toward her. Frankly, I am bit confused and this “Christian” experience is yielding way to much conflict for my taste.

            And I have no interest in having my energy drained in conflict. Suddenly, every one is my editor, psychologist, or moral authority.

            It is certainly interesting watching how the human mind operates.

          • rolltide

            It was not my intention to offend you or anyone else. In fact, I wasn’t directing the comment at you. I was replying to “Hawks”.
            If that drained YOU, I’m sorry.
            I can’t help what Dr. so-and so says, we walk by FAITH NOT SIGHT. NO, it doesn’t look good for her, and I think if it weren’t for prayer, she would be gone already. If your upset that I’m “calling something as if it were” when it actually doesn’t look very promising, I have to ask where’s you FAITH in all of this? Am I wrong for exercising my faith? I certainly hope you don’t think so! I don’t see how any believer possibly could.

            If others are getting under your skin, take it out on the right person. I’m simply BELIEVING GOD for a miracle for this girl. If you think I’m wrong in that, then I will take that as a red flag Micheal.

            Oh, and would you mind explaining just what you mean by this statement:
            “and this “Christian” experience is yielding way to much conflict for my taste”.

          • Where is my faith in all of this? My faith tells me what ever the will of the Father with be done. Honestly, I am here trying to keep my wife through her fight. It is consuming and I am doing the best I can here.

            Suddenly, now I am questioning your faith? That is between you and the Father and not me.

            If you felt compelled to pray and to influence others to pray there is certainly nothing wrong with that; but, yet again I am pulled into conflict in the name of Jesus. I find this ironic.

            I am not judging you and telling you what you should do. I responded because you said you were offended by something I wrote.

            I am just SO not interested in being a part of these debates anymore. Who am I to judge what the Father has placed in your heart?

            When have I ever done this. There seems to be a spirit of conflict mixed in with this and I want nothing to do with it.

            For the record whatever the Holy Spirit is doing in your world is your world and I respect that.

            Please do not include me in your judgement again. That is not what I am about.

            Sooner or later someone is going to have a red flag for me for some reason. I do not expect to write over 500 post and make everyone happy. That is unrealistic…if I have offended you in anyway I apologize.

          • rolltide

            You said; “I am just SO not interested in being a part of these debates anymore”.

            If that is so, why did YOU reply to what I wrote to Hawks? It seems you jumped headlong into a chat between ME AND HAWKS!

            I’m sorry you are going through what you are with your wife. I know it’s not easy, but you are making a mountain out of a molehill.

            I’m not attacking you, disagreeing with you isn’t attacking. Sounds like you’ve just got too much on your plate and you’re taking it out on me. Save it for someone who deserves it. All I want is for this girl TO LIVE!! And I wish I could get more folks to plead with the Father for her. So crucify me if you want to.

          • No, I should clarify about some of my comments. I was speaking in general at people the last week after the shills came painted false stories, etc.

            Not you though! I should have clarified. I do not want to argue about a young lady who might or might not have been intentionally harmed.

            I do not feel attacked by you but I did feel compelled to address you being offended.

            Again, you put your prayers toward Bobbi as an issue. I clearly stated my thoughts on this in my previous comment to you, very clearly.

            The “crucify me” dig at the end was not necessary except to breed more conflict. I am just learning how people operate in the name of Jesus.

            Please read my previous comment where I clearly discussed your prayers . . . I hope this helps.

          • rolltide

            Conflict is the last thing I want. You said in previous comment you were “pulled into conflict”. I certainly didn’t intend for a conflict to happen. I didn’t expect you to respond to my reply to Hawks. You PUT YOURSELF there, I didn’t “pull you in”.

            Don’t know if you remember some of my comments, but I stated that ONE WEEK PRIOR to SB, the Lord impressed me to pray for “WHOEVER”.

            As we both know, every year, there IS a mysterious death, on or close to SB date. So I started praying for WHOEVER….EVEN BEFORE I KNEW A NAME TO CALL. I don’t think He would have put this in my heart if it were for NO EFFECT!! Doesn’t make sense!!

            By all indications, Bobbi was the intended target, and once we knew the identity of “whoever”, I started trying to get other believers, not just on this site, but others also, to AGREE with me in prayer. When I read what you had written, calling her dead already, it just disappointed me, after asking for those who would to AGREE WITH ME for her restoration. Do you see my point? If you notice, I didn’t comment AT ALL on that particular article where you said those things. I didn’t jump your case. If I had wanted a conflict, I would’ve commented then and there! I was just disappointed after pleading for all to stand with me to reverse this evil and make it FOR GOOD.

            I apologize if I’m wrong in my actions or intentions, but I can tell you from my position, they were all well intended. I just want this girl to come back a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS, and He IS able to do that.

          • Okay, I understand. Again, you were right to do what you did with the prayers. It was actually smart and showed great foresight. I wish I could coordinate better but I did not even want to write about it this time. I think we would be better suited speaking on Skype if that is okay. I would like to talk to you. My Skype is: Revelation.Now.Radio

          • rolltide

            Sorry, Micheal; I don’t do Skype, don’t even really know exactly what it is. lol

            Just know this, I’m not your enemy. I am praying for you and entire family.

            Thank you for hearing me out, and I’m sorry if I added to the stress you must be under. That wasn’t my intention at all.

            God bless you, and you’ll be in my prayers.

      • First off “Hawks for Life” I have a TV and Internet connection. I probably know as much as you about this. Will tell you I lost a dear friend to a motor cycle accident.

        She had a horrible head injury from a motorcycle “accident.” Bottom line is once the brain is severly damaged like this you will be in a vegatative state. Is her soul in her body?

        I do not know. I get the sense your extremely eager for me to be wrong and even if I am it is not the end of the world. I am merely identifying patterns and putting the pieces together as I go.

        I hope you can comprehend this but this is not about the players per say. I hope you can let that go. What I have learned about the occult makes sense and I have been able to predict elements based on this code. It is what it is.

        You say you follow the Bible and Ephesians 6:12 clearly tells us we are in a spiritual war. Please explain how that works exactly?

  • TD

    Great article…I’ve been waiting all week for you to post! I like that you mentioned the Green Bay game from 2 weeks ago. With 5 minutes left and the Seahawks down by 12, I told my wife “watch…they are going to win and it is going to seem unbelievable”…I’ve felt all year that the dark forces have a plan for Seattle to win, but I must say your argument in favor of the Pats is pretty strong. What about the Phoenix/Seahawks/Hawk connection? Could it be that the Seahawks will seem completely destroyed at the end of the 2nd quarter, but will be seemingly “reborn” in the second half and come back to win?

    • Thanks, TD. Game is over! Patriots win…#21 Patriots just said, “I was given a vision of the play. I cannot explain it…”


      Hawks have always been known to be a team better in the second half. So you guys and your connections can just go to … Well… Figure that out. Seahawks worship God and he gives them the miracles that allows their team to advance that far. You guys are just as bad as all the Seahawk haters out there. If you are so good with prediction. Please… Lay out the whole Seahawk season. Better yet… Tell us now who is going to be at Super Bowl 50… How do we know you aren’t worshipping this Dark Force or Shall I say THE DEVIL… YOU ARE THE ONE DOING BLACK MAGIC AND VOODOO TO MAKE YOUR PREDICTIONS… No SOLID PROOF….WE SEE OUR TEAM PRAY ALL THE TIME… POST AND TWEET THANKING GOD FOR LIFE… Praising God on the field. While Media turns around and twist the headlines regarding their actions.

      • erik-da-red

        YOu can’t see the forest for the trees.
        You are blinded by your fanaticism of sports. period.

        • HAWKS FOR LIFE

          Blinded, no. I am very realistic. You all are misguided. always looking for some dark supernatural explanation to everything. I am very much a Christian who believes in God and serves God with all my heart. I accept things as is. I see things as is. But I will not let someone misguide me by saying everything that occurs is due to evil. There are a lot of Christian Football players out there. I’m sure they will be offended knowing that people claim their hardwork and its outcomes has to do with the evil spirit.

          • Ephesians 6:12 – For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

            What does this mean to you?

            Second, it is obvious to me you have not read my work. If you have you would not be placing the emphasis on the players.

            Third, if you have not extensively studied the Holy Books, archeology, and the ancient past this will not make sense to you.

            Please READ the other works they all build upon each other.

        • HAWKS FOR LIFE

          Please. Take your period somewhere else. It doesn’t end my belief in God and my interest in football.

      • Mark 3:24 –  International Version
        If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand

  • God Over Money

    great stuff as usual especially being a pats fan. My only disagreement is isis is no threat to israel as they act as isis air force in syria and have helped arm them train and heal their wounded.they have never ever threatened israel physically or even verbally and many believe isis leader is a jewish mossad agent leading these mercenaries to kill christians and muslims.

    • rolltide

      I agree with you on that. Also, Israel is taking the wounded terrorists and giving them medical treatment inside of Israel.
      Another question one should ask; why isn’t Israel apart of John Kerry’s coalition of nations that signed on to fight ISIS? Why were they NOT EVEN ASKED?!!!! ISIS is a tool of Israel carving out the territory that they consider “greater Israel”. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence that all the territory that ISIS is claiming for their “caliphate” is the SAME territory Israel sees as greater Israel. ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

      Anyone with half a brain should be able to see, if Israel is SO DETERMINED to fight terrorism, that they would participate in fighting the most violent and horrendous group out there, yet have you ever heard Netanyahu even mention them? I haven’t.

      Israel is the state that the Rothschild’s made happen, and they carry out the wishes of them. Is it another coincidence that there are only 3 nations left WITHOUT a Rothschild Central Bank. They are Cuba, North Korea, and IRAN. We sure do hear a lot about these nations in the news….do we NOT?? Ah yes, I remember, they are the AXIS OF EVIL!!!!

      • God Over Money

        Israel does what it wants and if you get in their way they ll kill ya,put you jail,stage terror and blame muslims. They are out of their mind and truly satanic

  • Thanks Michael, great post. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out – not only today, but in 2015.

    Another note on the number 33, in the Bible it has a lot of antichrist associations. There are more, but here are two off the top of my head:

    – 33 kings came with Ben-Hadad to (try to) destroy Israel (1 Kings 20:1)
    – 33 kings destroyed in the Promised Land (Joshua got 31, Moses got 2)

  • loNe

    hi Michael


    ‘SB 2015: “solid case of ARMAGEDDON Ritual 1 Feb SUPERBOWL


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  • TD

    4 in a row! Hot diggity dog!!!

    • The Most High is awesome and He deserves credit for anything I do. Praise Him. He is AWESOME!!!

  • Hawks for life.

    Sorry. Just ridiculous that you could believe that the Seahawks was lead by the dark force to make it to the Super Bowl. There are alot of us Christians and Godly people who have been praying for the Seahawks. You go ahead and believe what you want. The players pray to God and acknowledge God in their every day life. They always thank him and give him the Glory. So how would those who worship and praise God be chosen by evil to make it to the Super Bowl. God grant the Seahawks their miracle win against the Packers. Just like how he did bless them with their miracle at the Super Bowl. Its just they made a mistake. So… Regardless of your belief in the dark force. Go Hawks. God is with the players. We will be there at Super Bowl 50, Predict thatt

    • erik-da-red

      read the story again. you have little understanding. how old are you?


        You don’t need to worry about my age. I understand just fine. I’m still waiting for the prediction of the next super bowl. What makes me laugh is that you all can’t say God it’s the higher power. Cant say the devil or satan. It’s the dark force. What are you all? From the episode of Star Wars…. OOOOOHHHH. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU…LMBO.