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The media fueled UFO propaganda machine, is consistently bombarding the airwaves with stories of unexplained technology. While doing this they promote the theory of extraterrestrials from hidden planets who have interdimensional capabilities and cause confusion. Rarely, if ever do these very media outlets reference the fact the Book of Enoch, Ezekiel, and Revelation all reference beings who are not human. Why is this?

I find it suspicious that objective reporting would not presentĀ allĀ the scenarios to the public. Why leave the spirit realm out of this when there are so many ancient accounts spanning across cultures? It is very possible there are other species out there because the Book of Jasher tells us the “fallen” angels successfully gene spliced animals.

We also do not know how long the angelic creation was alive prior to the creation of man. Are we talking 100, 50,000 or over 1 million years before man was created? That is an unfathomable amount of knowledge to consider! If the “alien cover story” is to be believed why haven’t we been imprisoned? What is holding them back?

According to the Word certain prophecies need to be fulfilled before we can be conspicuously enslaved. Is this what is holding the angels back? Oh, ehem, I mean “aliens?” Take that with a grain of salt. What is apparent is mainstream media consistently promotes “aliens” more so than 20 years ago. This is nothing more than text book propaganda.

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