Take the $75,000 (USD) Chosen People Challenge

Take the $75,000 (USD) Chosen People Challenge

How would you like to make a quick $75,000? The website Deuteronomy 28.org is putting their money where the mouth is! How rare is that? Instead of trying to peddle you their books or make up false stories (in the name of Jesus) to drum up donations they are offering $75,000. What do you have to do to win the $75,000? Simple, you must successfully debate the chosen people in the Bible are not Black people. And I must include their many names: African American, Black, Negroes, or Colored People.

Deuteronomy 28 Curses on the Chosen People from the Most High

I am particularly interested in the outcome of this debate because I have heard many comments on Revelation Now regarding the Chosen People on the Old Testament. The most disturbing one is why even ask? Do folks even read the Bible or just rely on their own opinions? According to 1 Thessalonians 5:21 we are commanded to: “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” So, yes it is perfectly and spiritually acceptable to research the Chosen People in ancient times up to the present. And please do not turn this investigation into “ALL” are welcome because it has never been suggested this is not the case.

That argument is more of distraction and an attempt to not to even research the inconsistencies of who the current chosen people claim to be. I find this challenge fascinating because this site has offered $75,000 to whomever provides enough information to prove them wrong. I am surprised this was not highly promoted on mainstream or alternative media because that is a lot of cheddar! I know this will agitate many people because there is an obvious superiority complex associated with the identity of the Chosen People.

For all of you interested folks who left comments on Revelation Now on this subject matter . . . do not talk me to death . . . take the $75,000 Chosen People Challenge. That way you will set the record straight and by doing so be $75,000 richer! How is that for a leg up while setting the record straight? I believe part of the grand deception will be changing the true image of Christ and the identity of the Chosen People. Why would the dark forces have left this information in its true state?

The bottom line is if  you are 100% sure this website is wrong then you should easily be able to collect $75,000. If you find your argument is more of your uneducated egotistical opinion then you will not be collecting $75,000. I think this is a great story and you will responsible for correcting misinformation if you win. Please keep us posted at Revelation Now! Peace be with you all.

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