Bobbi Kristina: Physical Body Dead

Bobbi Kristina: Physical Body Dead

Bobbi Kristina Brown, passed away today in a hospice outside of Atlanta. She was placed there June 24th when her family took her off machines and medications keeping her alive. The families were informed by several doctors there was no chance for recovery. I believe she was a sacrifice for an ancient pagan religion which has entrapped those seeking fame and fortune. It is a Hollywood tale we are all too familiar with . . . and it is heartbreaking. If you are wondering why we titled this piece, “Physical Body Dead” then please, keep reading.

Entertainment Tonight: Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead at 22

According to the pagan god Ba’al you were required to sacrifice your first born children in order to receive his powers from the spiritual realm; in order to bring your wishes to fruition. This was a common practice in ancient times and today according to some sources. Many actors and entertainers have a admitted they lost their first child. This is a very sensitive subject because it is never healthy to deal in absolutes when it comes to people.

With that being said, several entertainers at the top of the pyramid (if you will) have been linked to the occult order of satanism. These very people have publicly admitted to losing their first child. It is extremely sad to hear of another person’s loss of a child; but, with them being linked to satanism begs many questions. One of the most disturbing scenes in this season of Game of Thrones was when a King burned his daughter at the stake for the “Lord of Light.”

They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal–something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind. (Jeremiah 19:50)


The Sun-god, Baal was also worshiped under the duality of benevolence and destruction. He was known for giving light and warmth to his worshipers and the witch Melisandre (in Game of Thrones) makes repeated references to the “Lord of Light” including always being warm by him. What you are watching in essence on Game of Thrones is in fact Ba’al worship. These people worshiped him because they witnessed the results of his power. This is why they sacrificed their children in ancient times and why they do it today.

Blood Sacrifices Exposed

I believe Whitney Houston broke her contract with her handlers who are essentially Ba’al worshipers. These gods are nothing more than fallen angels who staked out their territories like in the Godfather movie. Ba’al was running his territory and if he requested child sacrifice . . . he got child sacrifice. I truly hope kids ran away when they realized their parents religion!

Did Whitney Houston mature and realize she had a price to pay for her international fame? Was this why she was acting so erratic during her last hours of Grammy weekend? I submit to you Bobbi Kristina was supposed to be sacrificed long before the year 2015. This is why they were both killed because of a broken contract. Even her handlers disrespected her as she lay dead on a bathroom floor . . . they partied.

Did you know there was a prior occasion when Bobbi “almost died” in a tub? It was the same weekend her mother had an accident in the tub and died. What are the chances of both the mother and daughter dying in a tub of water? The bathtub was a necessary element of the murder so demons could ferret her soul away. Ancient mythology is replete with stories of water demons throughout cultures.

The day before Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton … her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, fell asleep in a bathtub in the exact same hotel … TMZ has learned.


A water deity is a deity in mythology associated with water or various bodies of water. Water deities are common in mythology and were usually more important among civilizations in which the sea or ocean, or a great river was more important. Another important focus of worship of water deities were springs or holy wells.

I penned a story on Revelation Now titled, Pigs, Demons, and Water Portals where I presented my theory why the demon possessed pigs immediately ran for the water to escape Jesus Christ; just in case He changed His mind. Whitney and Bobbi were taken in a tub of water. These demons placed Whitney and Bobbi in a sleep state and waited for them to die then whisked their souls away. It sounds fantastical but I believe this is what occurred.

I believe the satanist waited to sacrifice Bobbi for the Super Bowl halftime show ritual where they manipulate global events and demons possess unprotected people. Watch for the next Super Bowl and soon after the news gets strangers. More people getting caught having sex with animals and wicked mass murders. There is an ancient pagan system at play here and it is disguised in many forms.

Remember the Phillip Seymour Hoffman Super Bowl sacrifice? His death and much of the evidence resonated with many scenes from the halftime show including the teams. Not to mention the Denver Broncos and the meaning of Phillip . . . lover of horses. You have to admit if there is nothing to this it is certainly weird and don’t blame a guy for noticing. Bobbi Kristina, in my opinion, should have lived according to medical reports. She was unconscious for two to five minutes and then resuscitated, yet she died.

She did not come back because her soul was snatched. Bobbi’s murder was personal for the demonic world because everyday she lived represented a broken deal for a soul. This is why she almost died in the bathtub the same weekend Whitney died. I believe Whitney tried to change the rules and offered her life in lieu of the life of Bobbi. In the end, the satanist killed them both. This is sad tale for two lives but a lesson in sacrificing your soul for fame. You might just have to take a life of a child . . . yours.

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