Lantern: A Library In Every Pocket

Lantern: A Library In Every Pocket

When the communication infrastructure is compromised you will be always be in the loop with Lantern. This revolutionary portable wireless device is solar powered and downloads free data from satellites . . . forever. It is touted as the “outernet” and is a must have for your personal survival bug-out bag. It can also be carried around with you everywhere!

Introducing Lantern: One Device = Free Data Forever

Lantern continuously receives radio waves and stores them as: web pages, video, books, news, audio, images, software, and any file type. Even if the communication network goes down you will always have satellite information at your fingertips and no monthly outernet payments.

All of the radio waves are converted to digital files and easily accessible through your wireless devices. It also provides cell phone charging capability and is housed with solar panels for self powering. With Lantern you can receive updates anywhere on the earth no matter where you are located. This is a must have purchase for anyone.

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