Rocket Signature or Strange Biblical Signs?

Rocket Signature or Strange Biblical Signs?

Early this morning my close friend who is like a brother to me, sent me pictures from a mutual friend. I actually had the honor of being a guest on a radio show with the lady who sent the pictures. She was in a horrific car wreck years ago where she was transported to Heaven and sent back. I guess the Lord wanted her to pay her taxes? I jest but her story was riveting but I digress.


I spoke with my friend this morning about the pictures and he said the person who captured the pictures were playing golf a the Raintree Golf Resort¬†(Florida) when they saw the strange sign in the sky. There is an explanation for all of this. There was an Atlas V rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This would explain this strange “sign” in the sky.


Atlas V rocket launch creates unique trail in sky


At the end of the day, this is hardly a Biblical sign of the last days unless you consider the “increase in knowledge” in the last days. Many in the alternative media rushed to judgement and spread unsubstantiated Biblical references based on a rocket launch. We must perform our own due diligence because the Word tells us to prove all things.

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