Satanist Validates Super Bowl Concert Theory

Satanist Validates Super Bowl Concert Theory

When I first introduced to the sleeping masses the Super Bowl’s halftime concert was actually a satanic ritual used to capture massive energy; in conjunction with a specific cosmic alignment known as the Silver Gate. (Which is a point in space between Sagittarius and Scorpio where ancient cultures referred to it as the exit to Heaven by celestial beings.) It has been a slow, methodical, and theoretical process where the pieces are slowly falling into place.


Mercyful Fate & King Diamond – Sao Paulo, Brasil


I later matured into understanding the energy is being used to orchestrate events on earth by dark spiritual forces in heavenly places. The people we call the “elite” are disciples of an ancient evil with the goal of enslaving humanity spiritually. The Word tells us there are actual ancient things which have not yet been completed! These ancient secrets have been withheld from the masses in order for them to be used against the masses.

We are the actual energy being harvested in concerts and we even heard Beyonce (in her Super Bowl performance) say, “Hold up your hands and wiggle your fingers. I want to feel your energy.” Wiggle your fingers!? Who says that? We also know Beyonce’s alter ego Sasha Fierce shares her alter name with the author of an occult book known as the “Book of Shadows.” You think this is all a coincidence?


Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-centered Religions
Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-centered Religions


These Super Bowl concerts frequently use: ancient symbols, pictographs, color alchemy, anciently revered star constellations, initiated entertainers, and demonic entities (most likely housed in the entertainer) to conduct and symphon the energy in the stadium. This is what the Bible describes as witchcraft and why I believe America is the subject of Isaiah 47. I often wondered if there was any testimony from a satanic insider confirming the plausibility of this; and it was another piece of the puzzle sent to me!


You could say any concert is a Satanic ritual because you are definitely letting so much energy loose. You could probably turn it into one of those most powerful Satanic rituals ever if you did it in the right way. With all of that energy, if it was directed in the right way, my God it could be powerful!

– King Diamond


Kim Bendix Petersen (born 14 June 1956, Copenhagen, Denmark), is internationally known as King Diamond and is a heavy metal musician for the Mercyful Fate. He is a disciple and student of LaVeyan Satanism. My point is not to belabor the personality and beliefs of this man but to present him as testimony these concerts are used as a satanic ritual. If King Diamond was to review the evidence of these Super Bowl concerts he would see the ritual.

King Diamond was amazed at the notion of a satanic ritual performed as a concert but did he consider a Super Bowl concert? A Super Bowl concert captures the attention of over 100 million people! If any concert is the benchmark for “God it could be powerful” in the energy collection of a satanic ritual then the Super Bowl would be tens of million times stronger! In essence there are over 100 million “batteries” observing the ritual and freely giving their energy.

Super Bowl Satanic Acts

This is the energy that emanates from our thoughts and emotional waves which also can be electrically monitored. There is also an energy bubble that surrounds are bodies. Most observers unconsciously give their energy away at these events just by observing while building excitement. The satanic concert ritual has many dimensions operating in real time and without the energy from the crowd it would not reach the stars.



We also know from the “personalities” assigned to the planets what type of planetary energy is being harnessed. Whatever is bound on earth is loosed in Heaven said our Great Teacher. There is a relationship between the energy created in the Super Bowl concert and the planetary energy. The initiated human acts as the director of the mass energy and the demonic indweller uses the human as a marionette.

King Diamond has validated a concert would be a powerful satanic ritual. Those of us observing the satanic halftime concerts know through symbols and motifs a ritual is taking place. While the general public refuses to acknowledge these satanic rituals our reality is being manipulated right before our eyes. Now that “artist” are given freedom to express themselves anyway they see fit there are no longer barriers preventing occult symbols to be displayed in plain view.


What our reaction should be to Super Bowl concerts


In closing the next Super Bowl will be no different and we can expect another satanic artist to ritualize the audience’s energy. I can guarantee you that spiritually harnessed energy is more powerful than we know. This is another reason it is done in secret because if people could fathom the concept of this merged into reality would seem like, well . . . witchcraft. At a certain point people are going to have to boycott these concerts based on the evidence. We need to hold our laws accountable. If there is a separation of church and state then that includes witchcraft. Which means you cannot force your religious practices down my throat!

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