Doctor Strange: Marvel’s Foray into the OCCULT Science

Doctor Strange: Marvel’s Foray into the OCCULT Science

Let’s start out with the good news, “Doctor Strange” will be released November 2016 and that means no two year wait like “Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice!” Maybe extreme anticipation creates lofty expectations because the general public was not too concerned with “Deadpool” and having no expectation racked up over $750 million dollars and rising for “Deadpool.” Perhaps, this will be the case with Doctor Strange. Out of all of the Marvel movies “Doctor Strange” will be the most plausible of what is possible now in the occult world. It will cover Eastern mystical teachings which will be based on the framework of occult science.



Many Christians will gawk at hearing about chakras and astral protection but these labels are nothing more than the factory settings created by the Most High in the human body! He is the Creator of all things including the frowned upon label of chakras in the human body. Whatever the case, Doctor Strange will cover the realm and dimensions known as the spirit world. Here Doctor Strange will be taught how to enter this world by controlling his body. Does that sound like the Psalm 77:6 . . . know thyself? As Doctor Strange natures through his mystical training he will become a master who can successfully navigate through the spiritual realms.



The problem with this movie is again Hollywood has whitewashed roles for Asian characters with White actors. How did that work out for “God’s of Egypt?” It was playing at my local movie theater for 2 weekends and soon it disappeared. There is something to be said about authenticity . . . have you ever had a tofu burger? There should be nothing wrong with using characters who are indigenous to the country of origin, but Hollywood sticks to its normal pattern of whitewashing. Nonetheless, the Marvel entertainment machine is strong and it might be a sleeper hit. Not like the flat and unappealing reboot of the Fantastic 4.



There should be plenty of occult secrets in this movie neatly wrapped up in the entertainment, but trust me when I tell you many of the elite practice these teachings. Especially astral projection and there are many prominent Christian personalities who practice astral projection on the down low. I look forward to Marvel’s interpretation of the occult world and how Doctor Strange progressively matures into a master. In the end for Doctor Strange, it must be nice to have another career to fall back on.

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