Keepin’ It In the Coven: Lady Gaga Spell Master for Super Bowl 51

Keepin’ It In the Coven: Lady Gaga Spell Master for Super Bowl 51

Lady Gaga will be headlining Super Bowl 51 in an early promotion from the National Football League. Didn’t she just sing the National Anthem in Super Bowl 50? Isn’t her latest single being trashed by critics in the music business? Don’t we have any other artist available to entertainment the masses? The answer is yes we do, but they are not steeped in the occult like the latest repeat artist.



Let’s recap these repeat artist. We had the following artist make repeat performances: Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and now Lady Gaga. All of them feature occult symbols and motifs in their videos and performances. All of them promote excess sexuality and none ever speak of the Most High or His Son. I believe they all share the bodies with demonic entities which aid them when casting mega spells. Lady Gaga must have a serious spell to cast which falls under the expertise and cosmic mappings of her demon.



We will have to see if this announcement is actually a bait and switch. Meaning a totally new act will be announced later. We know they like to operate in threes so we must look for three more acts. This threw me off last year because Bruno Mars was not confirmed until the last minute. There is an ocullt science to who the dark forces choose to perform based on the chosen spell. Lady Gaga will be traced back to this exact spell and the cosmic alignments necessary to include.

Stay tuned…

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