UFO Flies INTO Sun Over Atlanta

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In 2012 a Mayan artifact surfaced depicting UFO piloted by men straight into the Sun! Later the next year NASA released SOHO images of a black triangle shape emanating out of the Sun. This very triangle is depicted on the Sun on the Mayan artifact. Today, filming the Atlanta skies with an infrared lens a UFO was captured streaking out of cloud into the Sun.


*Do NOT focus on the LENS FLARE! The object shoots OUT of the CLOUD!*


To our knowledge YouTube producer, MagnetFlipper, was the first to share daylight video of UFO flying into the Sun. He used a technique known as “sunlight ablation” using a Remington spotting scope. Soon after he released these videos he suddenly shutdown his channel and has not been heard from since.



After reviewing this video I have come to several conclusions. First, these UFO cannot be seen in the human eye spectrum. An infrared lens was required to see these UFO. Second, they move at tremendous speeds and if you blink you will miss them. Third, there is an ancient record of the Sun being used as a gateway. Where does it lead? It appears there is a cosmic counterpart to the phrase, “It is ONLY through the SON to Kingdom of the Most High.” It appears the ancients traveled through the Sun as well. Whatever the case there is truly nothing new under the Sun. Watch the video and you will see the UFO blast out of cloud heading toward the Sun.

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  • MrSteven4one .

    Hey Mike,
    Still enjoy your stuff. Keep up the great work

    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks for saying that. I rarely get praise here far more criticism. It is nice to hear when a person appreciates my efforts!

      • MrSteven4one .

        Back again Mike lol,
        Listen, I’m not big on posting stuff on threads, I rarely do but I did want to reply to your response. In the 4 or so years that I have been reading your material I too have noticed the uptick in criticism. I believe much of it comes from people who are perhaps insecure with their personal relationship with the Lord, or from people who think that what they have is the “right” way. I know with myself, this site and your stuff have been pretty cool. I have not always agreed with all things you have posted, but with most of it I do.
        Thing is, much of your work has prompted me to go to the Bible and check to see if what you’re saying lines up with the Word of God. This is something I never used to do and am now in the habit of checking what anybody says, not just you, when it comes to spiritual principles. Basically, if they say “This is what God has shown me”, I guarantee you I’m going straight to the Bible to see what it says concerning what they are saying…(now you know why I don’t usually post stuff on threads, so long lol). This IS what the Lord wants us to do.
        I can see that I’m starting to go off on a tangent so let me end with this. I know you have a heart after God and you’re simply being obedient to what He wants you to do. I can see that overall you do like doing it because you’re still doing it and the good work that you do reflects this. So thanks again. Thank you for sharing. I was in the hotel business for 20 years. We had comment cards that guests could fill out regarding their stay. 99 out of 100 cards were complaints and that single card would be the one to say nice things about the Hotel and staff. It is what it is. You know you love doing this anyway so hang in there brother, you are reaching people but it is rare that you will here it from them. God Bless…

        • All I can say is, “Mind blown!” I guess you are right about everything on this. I cannot believe 4 years either. I am so glad you told me this. I have been driving solo for a bit now. Trying to get back into the swing of things…it is not easy. I feel great change coming…