Phoenix Lights in Virginia Night Skies

Phoenix Lights in Virginia Night Skies

Here is Virginia based news story that did not make the syndicated news wire and quite frankly it should have. Why? Because a similar sighting occurred March 13, 1997, infamously known as the “Phoenix Lights” incident. So many people witnessed this event that local news exposure soon cascaded into national news exposure. Most likely because then Governor of Arizona, Fife Symington, was a witness. The difference with the Virginia account is there were no high profile or political witnesses.



I particularly like the witnesses because there are not only credible adults, but children and besides wonderment there is no hidden agendas with children. The Virginia incident had enough witnesses that an ABC affiliate covered the story on television. As you will see from the video, the “lights” are very similar to the “Phoenix Lights” incident. The “lights” are also similar in shape to the UFO in the Atlanta infrared video submitted to Revelation Now.


March 13, 1997: The Phoenix Lights incident a UFO mystery…


The debate is still strong over the possibilities these UFO are: man made, off-worldly, inner-world, or simply alien. Whatever the case whatever is the origin of these lights is being done in secret. If we rely on Biblical accounts or other ancient text eventually beings that descend from the Heavens make themselves known. Also, as consumer based technology matures the average consumer will have access to advanced surveillance technology. In other words, hiding might not be possible in the near future.

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