Super Bowl 51 Occult Prediction

Super Bowl 51 Occult Prediction

Super Bowl 51 is right around the corner and if you do not know by now the halftime show is riddled with ancient occult motifs. Since I broke the story, the Super Bowl halftime show is an occult ritual, it has become a staple on many sites. The NFL has also thrown monkey wrenches into occult predictions because they stopped announcing the complete list of entertainers in advance. Please read “ Pluto’s Heart: Smoking Gun of Hollywood’s Hancock Ancient Cosmic Ritual” in order to understand how entertainers are selected based on their astrological birth lock. There are far too many synchronicities for this to be coincidental.



Every year I learn more about this cosmic ritual and if you need an ancient endorsement the stars and planets are instrumental to spiritual things, then you need only to read the Dead Sea Scrolls. Here the men who practiced the teachings of Christ made a profound and overlooked statement regarding the cosmic importance of the planets . . . and prayer. These men documented the fact “there are certain planetary alignments to pray into. This should give every Christian pontificator pause that although astrology is outlawed astronomy certainly is not!

Astronomy plays a role in our spiritual practices according to the Essene’s documentation. Their statement certainly lends credence to the Silver Gate and other planets targeted by Super Bowl entertainers. There is an occult methodology being played out right before our eyes. This is an ongoing investigation and it will come with bumps in the road and curve balls. One gentleman appeared to be reveling in the fact my last year’s Super Bowl winner was incorrect. This was because I did not factor in Bruno Mars who was a late addition and after I published my prediction. Although every other prediction I made came true he acrimoniously made it clear my readers should know I was wrong.



His attitude showed me he and many others do not understand I am not an expert on these occult rituals nor am I a card carrying member. I believe if we work together we can understand, define, and categorize these occult rituals because I believe they were ripped off from the Chosen People. If that sounds crazy how do you explain the Essene’s stating planetary alignments are important for prayer? There is so much we do not know, but these Super Bowl halftime concerts clearly illustrate occult rituals targeting the stars and planets are quite real. I hope I can get back to 100% accuracy this year. It has been one year since my precious partner and mother of my three sons succumbed to inflammatory breast cancer.

That horrific experience took a heavy emotional toll on me, yet I plugged through crippling sorrow and depression with last year’s Super Bowl prediction and follow up stories. If anything, if I was to drop dead today I feel I have left a legacy which can only progressively mature as more evidence becomes self evident. This years Super Bowl 51 is no different. I have to say going into year five of Super Bowl occult analysis this year’s Silver Gate analysis was the most “in yo’ face” moment. Especially after knowing Lady Gaga would be the headlining act.

Let’s put some things about Lady Gaga on the table before we delve into the Super Bowl 51 analysis. Out of all the entertainers she is the most outspoken Luciferian. If you missed her on her on the Jimmy Kimmel Show she made a statement in conversation “I swear to Lucifer!” Lady Gaga, has also been a global cheerleader for same sex unions and even peddled the unscientific lie gay people are born this way. Witnesses have even claimed she bathed in a tub of blood and was seen levitating above her bed. Recently, she was on the hit show “American Horror Story” as a moon witch of the woods.



Lady Gaga, claims to have taken her entertainment moniker from the British band Queen’s hit song “Radio Gaga.” In reality the origin of the word Gaga is a Sumerian word for the planet Pluto. Every time Lady Gaga is announced her name really means “Lady Pluto.” Again, all roads seem to lead back to a cosmic counterpart. We must understand these entertainers are carefully chosen to interface with planetary and cosmic alignments. Lady Gaga is no different and you will find an abundance of information on her relationship with the occult.


The planet Pluto determines where we focus our minds and where we have the greatest potential for growth as a society. Pluto is currently in the government-oriented sign of Capricorn, which is turning our awareness to the limits and potentials of governmental leadership.


Let’s take a look at the Silver Gate alignment over this years Super Bowl 51 located in Houston Texas. In my opinion it was a confirmation to see the moon hung on the head of Taurus. Lady Gaga has a rich history with the moon and even a song about the planet Venus. I have not heard a popular song about Venus since the 1980s group Bananarama. Lady Gaga’s Venus song was a single on her Artpop album. From a musical perspective the NFL selected a headliner without any recent hits and I doubt her music is the reason she is there.



The moon hanging on Taurus plus the fact Lady Gaga is associated with being a “moon goddess” is not only an affirmation, but a continuance of a pattern. I believe Lady Gaga is a moon witch who was recruited to specialize in moon spells. Her role on American Horror Story was as a moon witch! Is this art imitating life or life imitating art? We now have two synchronicity with Lady Gaga’s association with the moon and now the moon hanging on the Silver Gate. I believe Lady Gaga is connected to the order of Thessaly witches who specialize in moon spells. What are the chances of an “artist” with so many associations with witchcraft and the moon would be the headlining act when the moon is in the anciently revered Silver Gate?

There is a spell known as the “Drawing Down of the Moon” and it can only be performed at a: crescent moon, half moon, and full moon. On February 5, 2017, there will be a half moon over Houston, Texas! Let’s define what exactly a “Drawing Down of the Moon” ritual is. “Drawing down the Moon (also known as drawing down the Goddess) is a central ritual in many contemporary Wiccan traditions. During the ritual, a coven’s High Priestess enters a trance and requests that the Goddess or Triple Goddess, symbolized by the Moon, enter her body and speak through her. The High Priestess may be aided by the High Priest, who invokes the spirit of the Goddess. During her trance, the Goddess speaks through the High Priestess.”



The ritual is further defined as, “one of the most serious and beautiful in the modern Craft, the priest invokes into the priestess (or, depending on your point of view, she evokes from within herself) the Goddess or Triple Goddess, symbolized by the phases of the moon. She is known by a thousand names, and among them were those I had used as a child. In some Craft rituals the priestess goes into a trance and speaks; in other traditions the ritual is a more formal dramatic dialogue, often of intense beauty, in which, again, the priestess speaks, taking the role of the Goddess. In both instances, the priestess functions as the Goddess incarnate, within the circle.”


Interestingly enough the Drawing Down of the Moon spell can ONLY be performed at a: crescent moon, full moon, or half moon.


This moon ritual will allow Lady Gaga to draw down the energy of the goddess, symbolized by the moon,and the goddess is then drawn into Lady Gaga who is conducting the ritual. Much like Super Bowl favorite Beyonce, Lady Gaga shares her body with another spiritual being. These beings normally are acted out in their behavior and these beings hate Jesus Christ. This is a continuance of the disdain Aleister Crowley has for the name Jesus Christ. I believe we will see a surprise female guest to accompany Lady Gaga. She will be the second witch of the Drawing Down of the Moon ritual. The NFL knows many alternative sources are on to their occult shenanigans and no longer share the complete rosters of entertainers.



Because the circle is a hallmark for Wiccan spells I believe the stage will be a circle shape or Lady Gaga will stand in a circle at times. It is also interesting Lady Gaga refers to herself as the mother of little monsters when the moon goddess considers herself the mother of all life! Another writer wondered if monsters are really a play on moon-stars? Beowulf being a Geat would certainly pronounce “monster” as “moonstar”! These are just thoughts, but we cannot put anything past these occultist influencing millions of uninitiated fans.

I do not know about you, but I believe America is at a crossroads with the Trump Presidency and wouldn’t you know the Drawing Down of the Moon spell is especially used when presented with a crossroads. Many of you who follow my research know I believe America is “Mystery Babylon” as discussed in Isaiah 47. These Super Bowl occult artist are proof positive that magic is being performed in the largest American viewed event annually. These occult rituals have traceability back to occult books, runes, ancient alphabets, ancient symbols, and the anciently revered cosmic exit for celestial beings; known in ancient times as the Silver Gate.

I believe these occultist use these rituals to brainwash the masses. America has become a Luciferian Nation and is none the wiser. By abandoning Biblical values, laws, and principles and converting to explicit doctrines of Luciferian this is in fact the new prevailing religion legalized by the Government. Now that science understands gravity is actually waves means these waves have consciousness. Whom do you believe directs the gravity wave consciousness? Now it makes sense how the Most High promised to destroy Mystery Babylon in 60 minutes. This judgement will come out of space. Satan has corrupted America to the point she fits the bill for Mystery Babylon.



Lady Gaga will continue this corruption using her moon goddess channeling abilities. Out of all of the current artist Lady Gaga is the Tyrone Biggums of them all. None of the other current major artist to my knowledge have ever shouted out Lucifer on a nationally syndicated television show. That alone speaks volumes to her initiation into her moon goddess magic. We must also ask the question the significance of Pluto as the Sumerian word Gaga. What is fascinating is the moon goddess Hecate has three identities, meets at three roads, and Lady Gaga is connected to the Moon, Venus, and Pluto. She has also performed as a hermaphrodite and Hecate is a hermaphrodite goddess. Reminds me of the ancient Egyptian bust unearthed on a dig that looked exactly like Michael Jackson had his face cut into. That cannot be a coincidence!



In my opinion it is obvious these stars are sharing their body with another spirit. I mean just look at that bust and then look at Michael Jackson! Lady Gaga has taken on the attributes of the moon goddess Hecate and incorporated them into her “art.” We must ask ourselves what are the attributes of these timeless spirits? How exactly does all this work? Lady Gaga will just appear to be performing, but we must ask ourselves what happens when the Sumerian word Gaga is shouted into the Silver Gate? Does the ancient spirit within Lady Gaga make the connection and harness the energy? We know each year America becomes more tolerant and soon the entire natural order will be perverted.



We must explore the fact the Essene sect said there are certain planetary alignments to pray into. Does this also include to say into? They are certainly doing this for a reason and it cannot be because Lady Gaga is a universal entertainer. She has her demographic, but it certainly does not span across racial lines. Lady Gaga’s message to the world runs parallel with the theme of the planet Pluto. Lady Pluto’s message has always been about the death of the current race and the rebirth of a new race.



Now let’s move on to the color alchemy of this occult ritual. The occult colors of the moon are silver and white. I believe this means the Patriots will wear their white jersey with their silver helmets. I will not be surprised if Lady Gaga dyes her hair silver as well and wears white herself. These colors resonate with the moon and this is what the theme will be about. If we look at the Falcon colors you will see red and black. Red is the color of Mars and the color black has other occult significance. I cannot believe these colors will be the focus of the Drawing Down of the Moon spell. Silver and white is the most important color alchemy when it comes to the Moon.



In closing, Lady Gaga will continue her Moon goddess persona and was the only choice to resonate with the Moon. Her rumored occult behavior allows her to be accepted as a witch because there was no public backlash against her occult behaviors. The celebrities are nurtured and trained to master their occult specialties and sharing their bodies with ancient spirits only guarantee their success. You must admit it was unorthodox to have Beyonce and Bruno Mars perform at back to back Super Bowls. That is because they were necessary for the spells to merge with the cosmic. The solar system appears to be a machine to make ideas come to fruition.

Each planet has an attribute to tap into based on the agenda of the American occultist. It is imperative you read “ Pluto’s Heart: Smoking Gun of Hollywood’s Hancock Ancient Cosmic Ritual” in order to understand how entertainers are selected based on their astrological birth lock. There is a science behind this all and these ancient books were removed from the general public religious documentation. Astronomy has been lumped into astrology and modern church leaders are ignorant to the true nature of the solar system. Christ was located by the Magi based on a specific planetary alignment and the Essene sect made it clear there are certain planetary alignments to pray into.



Lady Gaga shares her body with an entity who can only be Hecate and this is why she was selected for this moon ritual. These energies are captured and directed at the minds of the observer. America is at a crossroads and a new brainwashing is needed to navigate toward the Luciferian agenda. Lady Pluto is also associated with mass death and then the birth of a new race. The sacred alchemy must be fulfilled and Lady Gaga will conduct Moon energies into the psyche of the observer. The past Super Bowl rituals have a traceable outcome which can be connected to the ancient symbols and motifs from the spell. Super Bowl 51 will be no different.

Occult prediction: Patriots win…

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