NFC and AFC Championship Prediction for the (Saturn Bowl) Super Bowl 52

NFC and AFC Championship Prediction for the (Saturn Bowl) Super Bowl 52

This year I am going to attempt to do something I have never done before. I have reviewed the Silver Gate and the Golden Gate, star constellations, and planetary positions to predict who will be in Super Bowl 52. If I am wrong I will still write a prediction and occult analysis for the outcome of Super Bowl 52 and the mega ritual halftime show with Justin Timberlake. It is time to push the envelope and gain more insight into how the cosmic machine relates to what is unfolding on the Earth and the cosmic mechanics therein, as related to the mega ritual.

Over the years people have asked me to teach them how I predict and envision themes and motifs of the halftime show mega ritual. It is combination of years of research and intuitive revelation and the latter cannot be taught. This year my intuitive revelation guided me to the planet Saturn. After reviewing the Silver Gate nothing jumped out at me like last year with the moon being in the Silver Gate. The Lady Gaga connection to Hecate (and thanks to the people who helped me pronounce her name correctly) was a slam dunk and I was able to predict many associations with Hecate and Lady Gaga. Down to the colors Lady Gaga would be wearing.


Bruno Mars was confirmed after my prediction. Note his face is missing!


It is important to summarize what I know now after 5 years of making successful predictions. I misread one Super Bowl because after my prediction was posted, Bruno Mars, was added to the line up. You will see he was conspicuously missing from the post cover graphic. If I would have waited one day I could have made the right call because it was in your face. Let’s move and dig in to the components of how the spell works and it will certainly create other questions like are the planets aware?

Can colors metaphysically resonate with associated planets? I think questions like this are the secret physics of cosmic interaction. It was not too long ago quantum physicist discovered that electrons can communicate with each other instantaneously no matter how vast the space between them. This is like the occult science I believe is operating in plain view. The energy of the planets are being harnessed and also I believe they can be charged with human emotion.



I look at the NFL stadiums as a mega cauldron and the humans are water sacks filling the cauldron. The stadiums are built on ley lines, or their radius, or their vortex. Out all of the ley line positions the vortex is the most powerful because it is where two ley lines intersect and ratchets up the power because of collisions. This ley line energy gives the spell a super charge and unlimited energy. Past Super Bowl halftime shows incorporate elements from spell books like the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.” This was apparent with the shape of the stage the entertainers performed.


The stage is torn from a page of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn


I discovered there is relationship between artist and ancient gods/goddesses from the movie “Hancock” and you must read this post to gain a foothold of understanding on how it works. I find the connections uncanny and they cannot be a coincidence. Over the years I learned more pieces to the mega ritual puzzle and one was color alchemy. Each planet has there own color schemes they own. Mars is famously known as the red planet. What are the chances every Super Bowl teams match a planet’s color alchemy?

You must read my prior research on this subject matter. So, what is it about Saturn? This Super Bowl, Saturn will be in the Golden Gate which is the entrance to heavenly realms. It will be positioned in Sagittarius and I believe this is the cosmic configuration for war. The aim is to super charge Saturn for greater destruction on who the mega spell will be directed. Let’s take a look at the history of Saturn in Sagittarius and war. 

It is no coincidence, but the following wars all were launched while Saturn was in Sagittarius: American Revolutionary War, Native American Wars War of 1812, Philippine-American War, and Desert Storm War. This mega ritual will focus on resonating with the planet Saturn with the objective of charging it for mass death. Let’s take a look at the planetary colors for Saturn. They are Indigo, Black, Rayed Blue, Dark Brown, and Amber. 



The Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville, Jaguars, both have a color alchemy match with the planet Saturn. I think it is important for Saturn to win no matter what and its colors must be activated for war. The question is who will the war spell be directed? If these two teams or one of the these teams makes it to the Super Bowl and wins, expect the United States to be in a large scale war with another country. It will not be North Korea, either. It will not be obvious. Remember, this is the first time I am predicting who will make it to the Super Bowl based on the occult and cosmic analysis. 

If I am wrong no sweat, but I will still make the prediction who will win the Super Bowl and the pre-analysis of the halftime occult mega ritual. Fair enough?

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